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I woke with a start this morning, partly due to the realisation that I was in fact already dreadfully late and partly due to our new found alarm clock that is St.George’s Church, just behind my house on the corner of Campden Hill Gardens which dutifully rings it’s bells in what seems to be no particular order at eight in the morning, midday and sometime around six.

From the moment I opened the blinds it was clear that the weather was going to be against  me all day, and as I walked out onto the balcony clutching my early morning dose of caffine it was became rapidly clear that it wasn’t just sheets of cloud flying across the sky above Trelick Tower on the horizon, but a fine drizzle was also starting to fall, the sort that can only be described as miserable drizzle; that stuff that soaks everything it comes into contact within mere seconds, which effectively  leaves you looking like a drowned rat for the whole day no matter what you try to do to dry off.

The only good thing weather wise was the cool stiff breeze, which was blowing the leaves around Campden Hill road in great swirling vortices, showing the first real sign of autumn taking hold that we’ve seen this year, as I strode out the flat I was a man on a mission, 30 odd photos needed sourcing, setting up, taking and finally processing – not the easiest of tasks when some of the things you’re taking photos of are entirely shrouded in cloud, and by the time I’d walked the familiar 400 yards from house to tube station I was utterly soaked; they say that the man with the weather has a sense of humour, if he does – it’s an evil one.

Not enough time in my life…

I’m really rather vexed at the moment, my life is in boxes, i’ve got a move out date coming approaching in single figures, I’ve got at least 3 full days of meetings, plus a tonne of work to do, and I’ve still got to pack up all of the stuff that you simply can’t pack up because you need it to live… I could do with an extra fortnight to cover what I need to do in the next 5 days, but that’s not going to happen so it’s going to be another week of super-human effort between the two of us to keep on top of the move, the house, the packing, the office and everything that goes with it.

I almost got arrested a few days ago, I was stopped and searched coming off the underground because apparently I was wearing too many clothes, I did try to explain that it had been an early start to the day and it had been grey and cold when I started, but that apparently didn’t make a difference; nor did it seem to make a difference when I told them I was late and I could do without all this bollocks, at which point they thought it would be funny to hold me up for an extra 10 minutes telling me that I was in danger of ‘breaching the peace’… It would appear liberty has been taken away in favour of ‘safety’: frankly I’d have loved them to arrest me for using ‘bollocks’ – the precedent already exists for it being an old english word for ‘nonsense’, which is of course what I meant when I said it, so I’m sure that would have been a glorious waste of everyone’s time… If the police got on with searching out the obvious threats to our society they’d perhaps have less time to pick on people just trying to get on with their every day lives.

To be honest the sooner this Government is replaced the sooner we might start to win back civil liberties that seem to be being taken away by an authoritarian government that seems to think that they can protect us whilst all at once supporting everything the war-mongering Bush regime wants to do in the world.

All quiet on the western front.

Ok, so it’s been all quiet on the western front; I know I’m bad, but life’s hectic. I’m in the middle of the nightmare move from hell, moving house is something we’ve got down to an artform, but when you’ve got a million fuckwits trying to throw a spanner in the works it takes a lot of time and patience to ensure that the whole moving process continues on time and on budget. Our new flat in Notting Hill will be coming together soon, but at the moment we’re no where near so there’s at least another 3 or 4 weeks of fannying around before we’re back to normal.

Elsewhere, work is manic: there’s six projects up in the air, plus half a dozen smaller jobs and my time is stretched reasonably thin – that’s being compounded by all of this house move shit, plus a few other contributing factors, people not listening, people telling us, the professionals, how to do our jobs because they don’t want to listen to brutal advice because they’re so entirely wrapped up in their own affairs.

It’s sad when people don’t listen to advice, whether it’s at work or elsewhere; especially when it’s coming from someone that cares, someone that knows exactly what they’re talking about and someone that has the facts, figures and hardcore research sat in front of them… but as my Mum has always said you can only tell people, you can’t make people, and if they won’t listen then all you can do is be there for them when it all goes to pot, I’ve modified that for my own purposes, and when it comes to when it all goes to pot I tell them that I told them so then give them a bill to sort out the mess… which if they then don’t want I’ll let them sink.

If there’s something I learnt from my last business it’s that you can never get involved with the actual project itself, if you get wrapped up in it you end up doing things that are bad for your own business and you can potentially end up doing one of two things: lose money, or worse lose money and take the blame. You have to stick to your guns at all times, if it’s a bad idea tell them, tell them again, put it in writing and then stand back and let them get on with it… it should never be forgotten that whatever line of business you’re in, you’re in business for you and the integrity and financial stability of your own business should always be put first.

Anyway… that’s enough of that; I’ve written a few things about business recently; all rather more cogent than this… I’m thinking of putting them up in a new section. So stand by…

Another weekend goes by…

Well another weekend goes by, another week over, another week into a fast moving year which seems to show no signs of slowing it’s relentless pace. Nice night out until 6am on Friday night, the usual haunts in Soho all got graced with our presence before we moved on, saw a blast from the past on Friday, and smugly (yes I know that’s bad karma) noted that he’s neither moved on or progressed and is showing no signs of doing so.

That’s terrible I know, but you know, when someone pisses on you from a height on nothing more than a ridiculously ill-informed grudge, you can’t help but snort derisively when they’re still stumbling around earning a pittance thinking they’re the dogs bollocks when it’s blatantly obvious to the rest of the world that they’re not.

And breathe… moving on: I’ve completed The Getaway Black Monday, or at least it’s first permutation, and this weekend I’ve written a load of content for the agencies new portfolio and the digital stuff too, between that I’ve read the papers, flicked through the magazines, drank lots of tea and generally between all that tried to switch off a bit from the manic thoughts of work, which in only a few hours I’ll be back at, hopefully without some of the hysterics we had last week

More Work

Well today I’ve started my project management role at work, taking on slightly more work than I’m already doing it’s worthwhile for the extra amount of control it’ll give me in work that the agencies take on. Traditionally with the agency I’m with now my say so has extended to the final yes or no on new clients and existing work, unlike my previous agency where I used to take total control of every project with the current one at times I’ve felt a little, well… out of the loop, and at time’s that’s not as unpleasant as it might sound, but the times have changed and working in relative ignorance is no longer an option, especially as we’re growing so fast. So from today the more active CD came into play, and quite immediately scared a client with a job list so comprehensive 3 days work covered 3 full pages… I can be accused of a lot of things, but a lack of thoroughness isn’t on of those things!

Countryside Orienteering

You’d think ‘light bulb’ would be an easy one, certainly not an item on the shopping list that should cause fear, dread, or as it now does: loathing. But it was indeed a light bulb that caused all of this, but it’s no ordinary 60watt Bayonet, oh no… this is a 500W, 240v extra large screw, it’s a photoflood you see, we use it to get that shiny ‘bright white’ look that’s so fashionable in catalogues and ad material – and when one goes and you’re a million miles from civilisation it can be a pain in the arse to restock, we tried Cambridge, Peterborough, Kings Lynn, Nottingham, Luton, Barnstaple, Welynn Garden City, Letchworth, Stevenage looking for one close to where we were actually shooting, but could we find one… could we bugger: in the end we had to go to Bedford who had just one in stock: so off to Bedford we toddled, got said bulb, brought it back to the studio, screwed it in, plugged the rig back in again, flicked the power and Ta Da! We had light…

… For 3 seconds before the bulb went a violent shade of Florescent Green making a noise not unlike a cork exploding from a bottle… So the search began again, this time with the added problems of having to liaise with Bedford to make sure that wherever we did end up wouldn’t charge us for the bulb because it was in fact faulty: after much buggering about we ended up finding one in Northampton, so off to Northampton we bimbled, noting on the way we must be passing through the largest single expanse of Oil Seed Rape known to man, (do they actually grow anything else now in Middle England?) Also for those of you who’ve never been to Northampton it appears that every road into it is a ‘red route’ – and no that doesn’t mean that you can’t stop, it mean’s it’s “dangerous” – apparently: so a profusion of speed cameras, road filters, silly bollards to stop you overtaking on perfectly straight stretches to get past the convoys of HGVs and some of the silliest signs you’ve ever seen (my personal favourite being ‘caution moving vehicles’ – well duh, what with it being a road and all…) meant that what should have been two days of office and studio based work have ended up being two days of countryside orienteering.

I don’t mind the odd trip out of office, in fact I usually enjoy them, but by the time we’d stood in the camera store in Northampton for fifteen minutes waiting for some mug to serve us while the spawn of the devil himself was having it’s passport polaroids taken, I was; quite frankly, willing to take the life of the next person who came near me. Thankfully for everyone involved the second bulb works perfectly meaning that the shoot could continue finally finishing at 10.45 last night. Having started the day at 5.30am bed and sleep simply couldn’t come quickly enough.

So very tired!

I’m so tired – I’ve not had a single second when I’ve not had something to do with work on my mind all week, it’s been so unbelievably exciting, with so many new challenges this week, I’m really beginning to sink my teeth into the job properly, and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s really difficult to explain, but it’s like the people at work see new media from the exact same view point I do, and it sounds so sad, but it’s really exciting to be surrounded by people that are so totally absorbed in what they do, not that they’re absorbed in a bad way, but they’re absorbed non-the-less.

The flat hunt continues, now at a pace, hopefully should be all moved in come the end of january – I can’t wait, be back with Dave full time, which is going to be great, we’re both missing each other so much, even though we stay together a lot, and see each other nearly everyday, after almost 9 months of living together full time we’re not quite used to being apart, but it’ll all be sorted soon, so there’s no need to worry about it.

Survived the first week.

Well it’s Friday, I’ve managed to (so far) survive my first week in my new and exciting soho job, and it is new and exciting, it’s doing something that I’ve done in the not so distant past, but on a much grander scale, and it’s great fun: I’ve had absolutely no problems working through lunches, and working till 6.30 every day even though I’ve got in at 9, the day fly’s by in a whirl of great ideas, fantastic opportunities, and great people – I couldn’t be happier than a pig in the proverbial!