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Terror Threat

The terror threat is palpable in central london at the moment: I think every day for the last week has seen at least one major road closure to examine suspicious bags or cars – the security services are certainly on edge, it’s not just London, Paris too is on high alert with regular evacuations of tourist sites, something almost unheard of in our laissez-faire republican cousin.

It’s an odd state of affairs – Be Aware! we’re told, but the question most people ask is of what? Odd looking cars, people with turbans, odd beards, shamrocks, the germans, smurfs – what? Most people on the street wouldn’t know where to start without some guidance, and so far there’s been no guidance. The result? Fear – precisely what the terrorists want, we change our lifestyles because of them, and they win.

It’s interesting to watch the various media outlets explain the terror threat, the BBC have made a huge thing out of it – it’s been the lead or top three story all week, ABC news and FOX are the same, some French outlets – most notably Canal+  are following our lead – whilst the German’s are remaining remarkably stoic, the conservative Erste network and the rather lowbrow commercially guided ZDF and ProSieben channels are treating this as an ‘and in other news’ feature. Not once has the terror threat come above story 3 – why? Because there’s very little one can actually say about it without resorting to hyperbole and conjecture, and that’s not news.

When I grew up it was exposed on an obvious Military installation at the height of the terrorist activities of the Irish Republicans. Cars were bombed, people were shot – but through all of this, guidance was always given, you knew that you have to check your car before you got in it, you knew you had to report certain people, numberplates or activities, and you knew most of all that the chances of you actually being involved were ludicrously low; but for the sake of everyone in your community you should be vigilent anyway. Some commentators have been screaming for exact facts, but that’s clearly not intelligent or practical, but if the state, both ours and abroad, want us to be more aware; they must start giving the public more useful information about what they need to be vigilant for, rather than simply scaring people about an unknown, unsized, unpredictable threat.

Ghost hunting at the Midland Grand Hotel

So the Midland Grand Hotel… Well it’s been a week since we went to the Midland Grand Hotel to go ghost hunting and I’ve not written about it, why? Well because I’m a lazy arse frankly, but that’s another story. So about the visit, well the Hotel (what we saw of it) was amazing: and we plan to go back to take a more in depth look around at some point in the near future. The TV show was interesting in what it actually uncovered but we didn’t see any ghosts ourselves.

One thing we did notice though was just how un-naturally cold the building was, now whether this was paranormal or just because of the nature of the building is up for debate, I think it was because it was an old building that wasn’t particularly well insulated: I sit in the natural causes camp, although without further investigation I couldn’t even begin to tell you why it would be colder inside under the glow of stage lights than it was out on a windy damp day in London.

There were some interesting occurrences, the medium sensing an over-whelming presence in the room we were sat in was both intriguing and just a little bit chilling, and the ladies sat across from us (who didn’t know each other) all seeing a figure standing on the balcony of the hotel, not an odd thing considering the amount of film crew there were swarming about the building – until we found out that the bit of the building they were looking at has been sealed from the public (film crew included) for many many years and may even be structurally unsafe internally making access difficult for all but the most determined of hoaxers.

But we didn’t see anything, other than feeling cold the experience was based quite firmly in the normal and natural for both myself and Dave… Does this mean that I’ll stop believing? Probably not, but I think my pragmatism helps keep a belief in check, which can only be a good thing I think.

Most Haunted

Well this Tuesday should be interesting, myself and Dave are off to The Grand Midland Hotel (the ornate frontage of St Pancras Station) for a live television experiment into the paranormal. If you’ve got digital it’s Living TV and it starts just after 8pm, it should be interesting, because both myself and dave have an interest in the building itself (we’re both architecture freaks) and we’ve recently been discussing ghosts and stuff because of a series of programs that we’ve been on the tv… my main interest is whether any experiences we may have or see at the hotel will change our perception of the building itself.

It should be interesting to say the least. I’m keeping an open mind, but I’m hoping to experience new things, and that’s not to say I’m going out looking for a ghost.

A Mary Whitehouse moment…

It’s not often things turn my stomach, it’s not often that things are so physically revolting I reach for the remote, but tonight I was unfortunate enough to turn over to a program called “Dirty Sanchez” on MTV, and it’s basically the worst self inflicted violence on TV meets the most sadistic bunch of people on TV. It wasn’t watchable, and I only caught a 5 minute burst of it before I decided to turn over… I am truly concerned that there will be dickheads out there that will try the stunts pulled on this program and will end up loosing their genitalia, limbs, or motor functions because of it: tonights 5 minute burst saw someone nailing their cock to a 4×2 plank, someone being dragged along by their arse on sandpaper then having vinegar and salt thrown on their wounds, and naked people being assaulted by ice hockey players.

I’m not Mary Whitehouse, and I’m someone that’s always advocated “If you don’t like – it turn it off” censorship, but this program was sick, not even funny in the slightest, just sick, and god know’s what warrants it being on TV.