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Wii = Shit?

Now I’m probably going to be lynched for this, but I’m sorry; it’s got to be said. The Wii, is – well. Shit, isn’t it? The controllers don’t work properly half the time, you can be sat mere feet away from the sensor bar pointing the remote straight at it and what do you get; jittery motion, stalls and lost games. I’ll be the first to happily admit to that I don’t like losing, but I’m not a sore loser –  I just don’t like to have a game ruined because of poor hardware, the same as a computer crashing in the middle of a game is really irritating, the Wii’s controllers randomly deciding that they’re going to stall (meaning you lose) takes all of the fun out of playing two player games.

I don’t know whether it’s a firmware thing, or some software that needs updating, or whether it’s just the controller’s aren’t that good, but it’s destroying my enjoyment of the Wii to the point now where I’m just not going to bother using it, plus the seeming dirth of ‘non-cute’ games for the Wii irks me slightly, for now I’ll stick with the PS2, as I’m just constantly disappointed by Nintendo’s latest offering, and believe me, that’s something I’m actually relatively sad about… I’d love to enjoy our Wii as much as Dave and a lot of our mates obviously do, but I just can’t.

A visual representation of the site

The Site

This is cool (found via: minor9th.com), a tool that gives a visual representation of a website, according to the key on the site the colors represent various HTML tags, but that’s not important, just geeky, what’s important is it looks nice, perhaps not as pretty as this representation of amazon, but still it’s nice in it’s own way.

Dull IM’ers.

It’s funny really, if half the conversations people had via IM were conducted via telephone ‘buddies’ would be re-branded “nuisance callers”; ok that’s a sweeping generalisation, but for some of the people in my list and in other lists (we were discussing this the other day so it’s not entirely a reflection on my own IM list) it’s reminisecent of ground-hog day. I just can’t see how you can have the same conversation twice a day five times a week:

dull IM’er: “hello”
sassylad: “well hello there”
dull IM’er: “how r u”
sassylad: “not at all bad thanks, and yourself?”
dull IM’er: “bored”
dull IM’er: “and horny…”

< sassylad closes conversation window >

I mean please… it’s 3 in the afternoon, shouldn’t you be doing something rather than annoying people via MSN? It makes using MSN for anything vaguely work related almost impossible and to be honest makes you wonder what sort of lives these online “buddies” lead, especially the ones whom to be honest you can’t even remember why they’re in your list in the first place.

Can’t you get through 8 hours of the working day without having to cruise the net for sex, and if the answer really is no, then shouldn’t you be thinking about some therapy? I mean when you’re a 19 or 20 it’s understandable, you’d probably shag a letterbox given the chance, but we’re all supposed to be getting older and wiser now, settling down into boyfriends and girlfriends and bigger houses bought with growing careers… to be blunt, if you really can’t hold it in, then go knock one out instead of bothering the rest of the world with the needs of your nether regions

Why do you never see baby Pigeons?

I used to have an Ask Jeeves t-shirt that said “why do you never see baby pigeons…” Well as if my magic, in a way that only the internet can throw up; here for your entertainment is the baby pigeon watch live from Notting Hill, found via: LondonBloggers.

Which, incidently is where I also found this: get rid of anger, or more to the point these two enties in particular, which made me giggle:

USB Toothbrushes?!

ok, one who has a computer in their bathroom? and two, why? just why would you want a USB powered toothbrush… only in Japan.

Google buys Blogger

I can’t help but have a twinge of doubt about whether this is a really bad idea: Google Buy’s Blogger.

Does anyone remember telephone numbers?

So now that we all use our mobile phones to automatically dial our friends and family I’ve come to the conclusion that no one actually knows anybody’s number anymore. It’s bloody ridiculous, you’ve known someone for years but if you accidentally forgot your mobile when going somewhere you would suddenly realise that you couldn’t call them even if you were in a phone box with a twenty pence in your hand.

I think the solution is simple though, you should be able to access you mobile’s number directory remotely in the same way that you are able to check your messages remotely. When you call your mobile phone from work if you don’t have it on you, you can check your messages, change your greeting, forward a message, etc. Why can we not scroll through our saved numbers as well.

I’m convinced that I’ve found a new phenomenon that hasn’t been recognised yet. Anybody who uses a mobile as their sole phone does not know a single phone number by heart. It’s a tragedy of the convenience of technology but a tragedy none the less. Shouldn’t this be a simple plan to implement and wouldn’t it be of amazing use and importance?

More Blogger Pro Woe.

Blogger Pro’s archiving is so wanky it’s simply not funny – since when were there two Aprils in one year? If you’re thinking of up-grading to Blogger Pro, then don’t, at least, not yet. It’s still basically the same as the standard blogger, slightly (but only just) more reliable, and it does have some redeeming features, the RSS is a blessing if you’re into that kinda thing, and the file uploading from within the blog is very useful, but other than that at present it’s not great… Save yourself some cash until they sort there act out. It was only $35 (whatever that is in pounds) – So I can’t complain to much, but it didn’t make clear when you paid that you’d be used as a guinea pig for blogger (possibly at the expense of keeping your blog up to date).