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Not enough time in my life…

I’m really rather vexed at the moment, my life is in boxes, i’ve got a move out date coming approaching in single figures, I’ve got at least 3 full days of meetings, plus a tonne of work to do, and I’ve still got to pack up all of the stuff that you simply can’t pack up because you need it to live… I could do with an extra fortnight to cover what I need to do in the next 5 days, but that’s not going to happen so it’s going to be another week of super-human effort between the two of us to keep on top of the move, the house, the packing, the office and everything that goes with it.

I almost got arrested a few days ago, I was stopped and searched coming off the underground because apparently I was wearing too many clothes, I did try to explain that it had been an early start to the day and it had been grey and cold when I started, but that apparently didn’t make a difference; nor did it seem to make a difference when I told them I was late and I could do without all this bollocks, at which point they thought it would be funny to hold me up for an extra 10 minutes telling me that I was in danger of ‘breaching the peace’… It would appear liberty has been taken away in favour of ‘safety’: frankly I’d have loved them to arrest me for using ‘bollocks’ – the precedent already exists for it being an old english word for ‘nonsense’, which is of course what I meant when I said it, so I’m sure that would have been a glorious waste of everyone’s time… If the police got on with searching out the obvious threats to our society they’d perhaps have less time to pick on people just trying to get on with their every day lives.

To be honest the sooner this Government is replaced the sooner we might start to win back civil liberties that seem to be being taken away by an authoritarian government that seems to think that they can protect us whilst all at once supporting everything the war-mongering Bush regime wants to do in the world.