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It’s cold ‘tup north

Well this weekend’s been a short one, Saturday was a work day, which is the first for a while; and it started in the fog, crashing up the M1 avoiding people who don’t look in their mirrors before changing lanes, we ended up at MeadowHall in Sheffield to pick up a mini-dv to DV connecter for my powerbook which was an interesting experience before zooming off to a business meeting in central Sheffield.

Sheffield’s an interesting place, I’ve not been for years; and it’s looking a little worse for wear in places, it’s still that odd mix of swanky new flats and crumbling buildings, a bit like the Docklands of 10 years ago, there are a million great urbex sites, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get up there with that in mind without prior commitments for business, but you never know, with some forward planning it might happen. Meeting successfully concluded it was time to bimble down memory lane, both with family ties in South Yorks we tore around the back roads before eventually hitting the A1 again for the trip back down south, calling in on the parents briefly to find a strange transposition as I find myself and my brother talking about work, while my parents (although both gainfully employed) talking about being students, dad doing a degree and mum doing an optician’s assistant course.

And so to Sunday, spent mainly in bed, catching up on all the sleep we’d missed during the week and saturday, browsing the net for houses and catching up on the papers, spooks and some other stuff the media server had caught for us during the week, and so the weekend ended… back to the grindstone for another week, and a busy one it’s going to be too, so that’s my weekend, how was yours?