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You know you’ve listened to too much Radio 4 when…

eeeek… I’ve just realised that listening to pick of the week on Radio 4 – so far I’ve actually listened to every program the presenter in question has picked out, I know I listen to Radio 4 a lot, but I didn’t realise that I listened that much. What’s more worrying is it makes me a huge hypocrite when it comes to my own career in commercial radio, which is supposed to be the anti-Christ of all things BBC.

aside: eeeek the average age of a radio 4 listener is 53

But the thing is 99.9% of commercial radio is utter crap, it’s soulless, un-inspired, trite, garbage, and that’s before the DJ even opens his/her mouth, the music is repetitive and formulaic, and the speech output is cringe-worthy at best, and just plain bad at worst. I can’t think if I listened back to the logger tapes of most commercial station that I’d be swept away into a vortex of memories remembering when the program was on, what I was doing and who I was with… A sad sign of commercial radio being the height of all things dummed-down.Yo

Turning the Lite off.

So what did you do with your extra hour as we move back into Greenwich Mean Time: I spent mine tucked up in bed nursing the hangover and the tinitus from G-A-Y last night, which frankly was pretty crap – there wasn’t an act on, so they tried to keep people occupied with an “all number one” evening, which basically meant that every song that was played reached number one (whatever that means nowadays) was mixed badly by the “dj” at G-A-Y.

Bit of news, I’ve left Lite FM, after 6 years of slogging my guts out for them the final biscuit was taken, I don’t really want to discuss it much further as I’m considering taking action against the station at present, but what I will say is that I won’t be at all sad to leave the place, it’s changed beyond recognition in the time I’ve been there, and the travel to and from it was getting to me… thankfully I have other gig’s on other radio stations around the country, and I’ve already got a certain London station knocking on my door for a studio trial – so it should be an interesting couple of months coming up.