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Oooo, in all the excitement yesterday, I failed to mention that Queensway is open again, and very nice it’s looking too: a couple of things though, first, it’s a bit rough around the edges, take a look at the inter-platform passage ways, look up at the new cowling that houses all the gubbins and wiring and note that it still seems to be held together with tie-raps, it just looks like there’s something missing. Second I’m surprised (although not in the least bit bothered) that the gate-line machines in the main hall have not been updated (seen as the new side corridor exit have)…. other than that it looks good, clean, tidy, well put together although a little blank without the adverts.

The reason I’m not that bothered about the gate-line is that I personally think the older ‘slam door’ ticket machines are much better than the new ‘smooth-opening’ ticket machines, they open more promptly regardless of whether you’re using Oyster or Paper-tickets the older machines are just so much quicker to get through, they just ‘bang’ open, as oppose to the new ones which slowly slide open holding you up – or you end up crashing into them (and they don’t give much!) either… it’s one of those annoyances in life where technology has actually slowed us down rather than speeding us up: much like Oyster in fact, where I spent the best part of quarter of an hour swapping out my ‘fouled’ Oyster card for a fresh virgin one that works without taking it out of it’s wallet (or indeed mine) and doesn’t take 4 attempts to charge it every time you go to the ticket machines.