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Tradesmen, Water Pressure & The unfairness of noise.

There’s a plumber upstairs, or at least I assume it’s a plumber because this morning my powershower had all the power of a dribble of piss, if you’ll excuse the anology. He’s making a god awful racket and has been since just before 9 this morning, I’m just about set to march upstairs and let him know just how much I despise plumbers and all tradesmen that think it’s their god given right to remove other people’s water pressure and clomp about sounding like the 5th brigade of the nazi youth jumping about in jackboots upstairs.

Congratulations are in order for Meg, finally back online after her move… If it’s any consolation, I know exactly what it feels like to lug all the stuff you own in the world up 6 flights of winding stairs, and that’s not including the steps that go up from the pavement to the front door. After doing that we swore we’d never move again without getting someone in to do all the lumping and dumping for us!