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It’s so quiet.

So here we are, just after Christmas – I hope you had a good one. It’s been a little quiet on this front; a combination of work and moving house… so boxes everywhere, lots in storage, and a date not quite set for moving into the new place at some point in early January. I do however have a few articles that I’ve written while offline which I’ll be uploading this week.

So, yeah…

A few days ago I may have mentioned something about emigrating: it’s something a lot of people say when they’re fed up with a situation; many never mean it, others simply don’t follow through – that’s really not the case here: I mean it – I’m up, off, and outta here.

You see, I was fortunate enough to grow up in Europe, West Germany to be exact, it’s the place I’ve always thought of as home, the formative years when you form bonds, attachments and habits were all spent in Nordrhein-Westfalen, and having recently been back to my ‘home town’ of Gütersloh, I realised just how much I’d missed it – not just missed though, but how much I thought of it as a home town compared to Stamford, Peterborough, London or anywhere else.

It’s not just local attachment though, it’s a question of quality. The quality of life is significantly higher, the opportunities which are presented in that area for travel, new experiences, work and building a life are enormous. I’m sick of being couped up in the UK: I want to travel in Europe – I want the freedom to just jump onto the autobahn and go shopping in Dutch markets, go walking in the Harz mountains, go tobogganing in the Alps, drink in the culture of Venice, Salzburg, Wien, Berlin, Köln or just go to a different country without having to think of it as an excursion with passport clasped in hand. Let’s face it the only way to do those things in the UK is to start taking extended weekends or holidays, my job precludes being able to take that amount of time out – and I’ve just had enough of it – I want my life back, and moving to a place that makes it easier to escape makes a lot of sense.

Of course those of you who read the political posts will know where I stand on Europe – I really do roll my eyes at the attachment to the Pound, the constant interference in our daily lives of a thoroughly inept and at times disreputable civil service and government. The ludicrous and frankly luddite situation of having to enter Europe – a continent we’re all officially citizens of with a passport and customs control – and the sheer hassle of getting anywhere that’s remotely interesting without having to pay extortionate train fees for the Chunnel or having to slog down to Dover for my preferred choice, a leisurely P&O ferry and a decent car all take their toll on me. I want to be in the heart of Europe – not just personally, but professionally.

So the planning starts now… If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about moving in the UK it’s that planning is key, the more organised you are the better: and moving into a foreign country even with prior experience needs military precision; we know many things about what we want. We love Köln, right in the heart of NRW it’d make a great base: it’s got great shopping, a compact city centre with good public transport, a good gay scene and a busy ex-pat community. It’s close enough to the border to make the UK a not entirely tiresome drive and it’s got good links to all of NRW and the rest of Germany, a quick hop across the border to Holland or Belgium, and only a matter of minutes on the autobahn before you start to hit some really beautiful scenery.

So that’s the beginnings of a plan to emigrate. I’m looking at this as a long term plan, rent first see what happens and then look at settling down. I want to make the move this year coming: 2011 – disengaging from the rat race of ludicrous rents and house prices, rip-off britain, x-factor and all the other stuff that sets my teeth on edge, escaping to cheaper living in the heart of europe only a car drive away from mountains, glaciers, rolling hills, vineyards and more. Bring it on.

Test Card

Ok, so I’ve been lax: but work’s been a nightmare, and we’re still living out of boxes, nothing’s in the right place and it’s not conducive for being creative in any capacity… Normal service will be resumed shortly

The perfect place?

Could we have found the perfect place? Two bed, three storey “cottage”, right where we want to be, perfect size for the two of us plus the dog we want… it’s all fingers crossed at this end as an offer goes in.


It’s been a good week, new business won, old business completed, hair cut, house beginning to look packed; and I’m looking forward to the weekend, which hopefully should be reasonably peaceful without too much to worry about or fret over. Whether it’ll turn out that way or not is yet to be seen, but peaceful pottering is what’s planned. I’m hoping to sort through a lot of the house crap, chuck away a few bin liners full of stuff that we’ve held onto for no good reason (as you do), and finally rid ourselves of half a tonne of unnecessary paperwork.

It was with a certain sense of ‘being released’ that last week I threw away the very last vestiges of the previous business: it was strange going through paperwork for H-D, looking at old invoices we’d sent out, invoices we’d received, all the detritus of a business, and last week it all went in the bin, all of it… the lot: finally released, everythings paid, sorted, closed, gone. It was weird for years I’ve been concentrating on the other business but still carrying around all the crap from the last one, but that crap is now all gone.

and breathe…

…as you can probably tell by the world-record-breaking amount of profanity, it’s not been a great day, but it’s not as bad as it could have been, in fact if you took the people out of today it wouldn’t be all that bad, the actual ‘bad news’ is good news, it’s a ‘blessing in disguise’ (quite honestly I don’t say that, but it’s the best phrase I could think of to describe the circumstances), but it really is: it’s going to free up spare time, it’s going to free up cash even though short term it’s going to be more expensive, long term we win, and more over it’ll give us time just to be us again, do the things that we do, be the people that we are, and live how we want to.

Fuck you

…and fuck you too!

I’ve really had a gut-full today, I really don’t need this sort of shit, and on top of everything that’s happened on this cunt of a day, I could certainly do without people be thoroughly disingenuous: I don’t need or want to know what your opinion is of me, first or second hand, because frankly you don’t know me, all you’ve seen are snippits, edited high and low lights, hardly what you might call representative of a person as a whole; so next time… before you aurally vomit over us, please sit back and as a very good friend of mine used to say ‘just… shut the fuck up’.


I’ve always been a man who dislikes having his hand pushed, I like to do things in my own time, in my own manner, and I’m ridiculously possessive about running my life, so when a letter arrives in the bad news express this morning marked with the postmark of the letting agent it’s normally one of a few things, they’re bitching about wanting to do something to the house, or they’re bitching about wanting to inspect to see if we’ve burnt the place down, or they’re serving notice… and today that’s what they did. Bit of a cunt as we were already looking at moving and were working to a schedule we’d put together; but now that hand has been forced and we’re going to have to piss about working to someone else schedules.

What’s worse… is that they did this only six months ago, they lied about wanting to sell our previous house, and then 3 months after moving out we find that they’re not selling, they’re simply kicking tenants out so they can put the rent up higher than they’d legally be allowed to do with a tenant in the house, cunts.

Anyhoo… so we’re moving, and we’re moving quicker than we initially want to (well at least from the point of view of before we weren’t pressured), it’s going to be stressful, but it’s also going to be exciting, moving house always is, and we’ll get to at least spend one day bombing about in a big white van, so we can relieve the stress on wing-mirrors and curb-stones.

A quiet day of decisions

Quiet day, lots of things decided, all good… we’re moving, it’s official: we’ve had enough of this place so we’re looking around again with the usual bunch of suspects and getting ready for all the fun of packing up, fighting to get the deposit back from the useless fuckwit of a letting agent we’re with at the moment and finally on the big day worrying about getting broadband and all that crap moved over… I know we’re experts at this, but every time we do it there’s always one of the major utilities that manages to fuck something up

In other news the new company website is finally moving toward reality, much like the cobblers children, we’ve suffered from always being too busy to look after our own stock, and as a result a decision was reached that we’d start work on it with a view to getting it up by the end of the month, which should coincide with the swanky new brochures we’re getting being produced which is all rather exciting: the big movement toward the change was the tweak to the logo, which should get it’s first public outing when the new site’s up and running… leaving only the signage in our building to update, that may prove more of a challenge to update, but when tenacity, sheer bloody-mindedness and cheekiness fail we’ll end up bringing in our house-trained solicitor to scare the buildings manager.

Also definitely decided that I’m going to start selling my photography, I think I’ve found at least one outlet that’s interested, so if you’re looking for tasteful photography anything up to A1 size, framed in classic matt black frames for around about eighty quid do let me know! And whilst I’m shamelessly self-promoting; if you fancy winning some jewellery do check out this competition, sign up a friend and go into the grand prize draw for some fabulous Azuni pieces worth 80 quid for you and a friend… and there ends this weeks shameless self-promotion

Moving On

Well 4 days into the new year, and only 2 days away from the house move so the house looks like a bombs gone off and the estate agent is now running around like a blue-arsed fly having had an empty house for a month and only deciding to clean and maintain it the day before we move, I cannot express just how continually dissapointed I am with our letting’s agent, but they’re by far the biggest in the area, and unfortunately their competitors are either stupidly overpriced, or just have crap on their lists.

Work is manic, I’m back at the gym, and I’ve decided that 2006 is going to be a year that I want to make memorable: both in terms of career and in terms of time off, we’re off to paris this year come hell or highwater, and we’re going to make time to really do some of the things we’ve been wanting to do for years: some of them are harking back to my “things to do before i’m 30” list, and other’s are just bits and pieces that we’ve been thinking about over the years.

So here’s to a great 2006, let’s hope it’s a bloody good ride eh!?