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Does anyone remember telephone numbers?

So now that we all use our mobile phones to automatically dial our friends and family I’ve come to the conclusion that no one actually knows anybody’s number anymore. It’s bloody ridiculous, you’ve known someone for years but if you accidentally forgot your mobile when going somewhere you would suddenly realise that you couldn’t call them even if you were in a phone box with a twenty pence in your hand.

I think the solution is simple though, you should be able to access you mobile’s number directory remotely in the same way that you are able to check your messages remotely. When you call your mobile phone from work if you don’t have it on you, you can check your messages, change your greeting, forward a message, etc. Why can we not scroll through our saved numbers as well.

I’m convinced that I’ve found a new phenomenon that hasn’t been recognised yet. Anybody who uses a mobile as their sole phone does not know a single phone number by heart. It’s a tragedy of the convenience of technology but a tragedy none the less. Shouldn’t this be a simple plan to implement and wouldn’t it be of amazing use and importance?


Nokia 6310iAll together now, to the theme of “i’ve got a brand new combine harvester”… I’ve got a brand new 6310i I’ll give you the number, it’s rather funky, with bluetooth, wap, and a million and one other functions I have absolutely no use for… it’s got kylie for a ringtone though, so that makes it all better, oooo and it’s got a shiney blue display that fades nicely when it turns off… and it’s all silver, because it’s Orange.

It’s got to be said that East London is the biggest publicity con ever, it’s a iced cake that turns out to be mouldy on the inside, I can’t wait to move away from here, I used to be a very tolerant person, but this place is making me on edge about everything and everyone, which really isn’t healthy.

Mobile Phone shopping.

Isn’t mobile phone shopping scary? I went looking about for a new mobile today only to be confronted by the pushiest sales people in the world, almost demanding to know what sort of phone I currently had, whether it was contract or pay as you go, what network I was on, and even how I pay… which I told them was none of their business as I was just looking, but “just looking” just isn’t good enough, most sales people quickly lose interest and bugger off at every shopper’s favourite phrase, but not in the mobile phone world: oh no, it takes nothing less than a raise voice and “bugger off i’m just looking” to get them to take the hint that you’re really not interested in some pre-pubescent spotty fool telling you why you should part with a hundred quid a month for a contract phone when more than likely the contract costs more than there weekly wages.