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Press reactions to Ireland & The Eurozone

Well, it appears that there is now a series of options on the table for Ireland after talks continued late into the night – more on that later today – but you’d be hard pressed to find much detail of these discussions in the UK press as the majority of newspapers seem to be rejoicing in the possibility of a cataclysm, including a particularly moronic piece from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The Telegraph, full of half-true hindsight and distinctly dodgy future predictions.

What’s interesting is how almost all commentators seem to be foaming at the mouth with glee about the imminent ‘collapse’ of the euro and the european project, ignoring the impact that any potential failure would have on Britain, both politically and economically.

Let’s be blunt, the failure of the Euro would cause a financial firestorm, it would rock markets worldwide, and the blast-wave that would roll over the City of London, and then onto the wider economy of the UK would huge. Just consider there are more Euros traded in London on a weekly basis than exist in the rest of the Eurozone put together: The City contributes 14% of the total tax coffers; a significant proportion of which is earned on Euro investments and trades and the last time I looked this inward trade to the The City alone made the amount that every anti-europe commentator drags up about how much we pay into the EU every year look like pocket change.

Tea Party-esq ramblings from Little Englanders’ are horrifically ignorant. The idea that we are not inextricably linked to Europe in finance and trade and that we’d ‘do just fine’ alone on our little island against the might of China, the USA and Russia (all of whom it should be noted employ protectionist policies whenever it suits) is naive in the extreme.

It’s funny really because the view in the press is not the view I hear in my daily life. I should say I’m not surrounded by europhiles, quite often it’s quite the opposite – but none of the people I meet in my personal and business dealings have the rabid anti-europe sentiment that the press portray the British public as having. That said – one thing is clear: whether we agree with it or not, we will pay to bail out Ireland one way or another – and what’s patently clear is that if we stand by and watch the eurozone fall apart we’ll pay even more dearly than any of the Little Englander’s could ever imagine.

Media Guardian is not trying…

Capital FMSpotted this in Media Guardian today, headlining a story about how Capital is hemorrhaging listeners, and I couldn’t help but giggle at the photo, I mean how long is it since the radio cafe closed? When did capital last use that logo? Are we actually using a photo that’s about 10 years old? – Come on Media Guardian, do try harder!


So Pete Doherty’s going to release his memoirs, it’s amazing with all the drugs the papers allege he takes that he can remember anything at all. I can just see it now…

June 1st – Got Stoned
June 2nd – Got Stoned
June 3rd – Got Arrested
June 4th – Got Stoned
June 5th – Verbally Vomited over some new song, and got stoned,
June 10th – Got stoned, did ‘community service’
June 11th – Got Stoned

I’m getting a little sick of seeing people release diaries, sure do it after you’ve lived an interesting life, but when you’re in your mid-twenties it all seems a bit, well… bandwagonie… if that’s even a word. I mean someone in their mid-twenties, what’s there to talk about? The first five years is the same as everyone else, shitting yerself, falling over, learning to walk, talk and stay continent, then there’s the school day’s, which frankly no one wants to hear about, ‘oh i was bullied’ or whatever, what bollocks: well join the club you’re no different to anyone else… then that leaves, what; 5 or 6 years between finishing education and where they are now in life to talk about? And what gets me is they manage to fill a whole book with it, (although most of that is down to using a size 14 font throughout), it’s the same as 2 year old bands having the gall to release a ‘best of’, I mean what are they going to do after that? It’s almost like they’ve lived their life, stop at 30 and then die, and as much as in some cases you might want that to be the case it’s not how things happen in real life is it?

I’m amazed at what crap people put in these books, ok some people may have had a stunning life, but if all you’ve done is get famous for getting your tits out, or lounging about in a house live on channel four, it’s hardly going to make a gripping read is it? It’s just the cult of celebrity taking yet another stride towards the completely ridiculous in my humble opinion

</rant over>

as if by magic…

In relation to the last post, as if by magic it’s been announced that the ‘irritating american’ has been dropped: woohoo! – this website is shaping policy at Sky! hehe – we can wish!

Upheaval at Sky News

I’m not quite sure what’s been going on at Sky News, apparently they’ve been wielding the axe with people and programmes this week, and the latest high profile person to be spotlighted by this appears to be David Chater who has resigned, did he jump or was he pushed is inevitably the question that will rumble around Sky’s Osterley complex for the next few days, whether the truth will out is neither here nor there though as it’s almost inevitable he’ll either end up at ITV or the Beeb, and failing that he’ll end up writing a column and a book like all journo’s do.

I can’t say I’m terrifically sad to see him go as I’ve never been a fan of his style, and since his commentary on the first few days of America’s invasion of Iraq when he as a war journalist didn’t seem to know the difference between an air raid siren and the all clear siren I’ve never really taken him seriously; but above this my resounding memory of his coverage (which for some reason Dave and I watched in our tiny Notting Hill living room in it’s entirety) was his constant references to the dogs barking, as if it were the only important story of note: never mind the falling bombs, the stealth planes strafing the sky and the incessant thud of gas mains exploding… no, all of that’s obviously nowhere near as important compared to ‘dogs barking’ which he must have mentioned over 30 times in an hours worth of coverage.

I’ve been watching the going’s on at Sky with some interest over the past few months since they re-launched with the current more relaxed style, something which I’m not sure works for Sky: they’ve always concentrated on fast moving news, pointing out almost with religious zeal that if there’s news breaking anywhere in the world you’ll hear it at Sky News first, that seems to have been lost since the re-brand in a muddle of ‘lifestyle features’, presenter chatter and sports news that seems to dominate 20 minutes of the hour clock every hour. What they seem to need to do now is rediscover the Sky News brand and ethos, cut the crap and get back to what they’re good at, which is simply reporting the news, most of us news junkies neither know or care if the presenters like each other, or whether they are on the GI Diet, we just want the news, we want in-depth analysis with experts and we want regular headlines of UK and World news: Sky News currently don’t seem to be doing that… and until they do they’ll be fucked, ratings will continue to slide almost as fast as their credibility as a world class news provider… So come on Sky, pull your socks up, cull some more of the people (start with that irritating American and Eamon Holmes who looks more uncomfortable every day) and get back to hard up to the minute breaking news delivered by real journalists.

Dropping like Flies

They’re dropping like flies in the Big Brother house as George (one of the few ‘normal’ people left) has voluntarily asked to leave the house because he’s unsure whether he wants to be famous, which is fair enough…When you look at the 3 months of the media zoo Big Brother contestants have had to endure in the past one can only assume that the experience takes it’s toll, and considering this year that pretty much everything is open to use by Big Brother, as for example the whole nation now knows Sezar is circumcised; I’m not sure that anyone’s feeling comfortable that their inner-most personal secrets could be unveiled at any second to the general populous, and that’s assuming that they’ve not already been shouted to the nation by any one of the red tops.

The fooking poof has left the building

I did promise myself that I wouldn’t blog to much here about Big Brother 7, but can I just proclaim from the rooftops how very happy indeed I am that the self-proclaimed ‘wacky paki poof‘ has walked from the house, rumours are he was asked to leave rather than left of his own volition but the official line is he chose to leave as he didn’t really “integrate” with the group. If by integrate they mean have any social skills beyond a short grasp of the worst gay stereotypes then I’d certainly agree…

As a gay man I’ve cringed every single time he’s ‘graced’ the screen, and as a hard working tax payer I’ve been irked by his seeming lack of care that he’s never done a day’s work in his life and lives entirely off the state but seems to think he’s “contributing”, he’s been without doubt the vilest housemate Big Brother has ever placed in the house and i’m gleeful beyond measure that he’s gone.

Too much news?

According to this article from MediaGuardian the BBC are saying that Radio 4 needs to react quicker to the news, my question is why? What is the BBC’s obsession with turning every single one of it’s outlets into a rolling news service, with BBC News 24, and the switch overs to News 24 when BBC1 and 2 are ‘off’ it’s become impossible to escape, even the ever-reliable World Service through the night service is now little more than rolling news interspersed with occasional arts programmes which are getting increasingly thin on the ground, not to mention dubious in terms of their actual worth.

So it’s beyond me why the BBC is mooting that Radio 4 should react quicker, and frankly it fills me with dread because I can almost guarantee that their idea of reacting quicker is news bulletins jumping in whenever some foreign leader sneezes (as happens on Radio 5 and News 24) or even worse regular half hour updates cutting short programming flexibility and interrupting hour long shows (as happens on the world service).

It raises the question of what is ‘important news’ – I’d expect a program to be broken into for something like July7th or 9/11, or the PM or Her Madge dropping dead, but that’s about it: If I’m that bothered about keeping up to date with what’s going on with the rest of the world then I’ll have Sky News or Radio 5 on, as would anyone else who desperately needs to be in touch with what colour toilet paper Jacque Chirac is using today, or whether Michael Jackson’s dropping his kid out of the window at some hotel. The obsession with New News is so tiresome, and the BBC beyond all other service providers are the worst for picking up this buzz and over-exposing it. Just because News happens 24 hours a day doesn’t mean every outlet has to be 24 hour news.

Big Mother is Watching

I know it’s not the height of intellectual television, but Celebrity Big Brother could well prove to be compulsive viewing, I mean: George Galloway and Michael Barrymore in one house, jesus, that’s going to lead to friction isn’t it? And it looks as if the plant with the secret mission has already been rumbled by forgetting who she’s told porkies to, a simple case of getting the number the fake single has charted at wrong to two different people is gonna be a killer.

The BNP & Channel 4

Channel 4 are showing a documentary about the British National Party, don’t they know the old idyl that any publicity is good publicity, regardless of how they make these people out, good or bad, they’re still raising the profile of the BNP which has got to be a bad thing? I don’t remember them doing something like this for the Referendum party, or the Green party, or any other strange side parties (like the Tories – I bet you don’t know them!).