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Campden Hill-Billy’s

And we’re in…. yay! – I’ve actually been blogging while the net connection has been down at home, so I’ll get them online shortly. It’s been quite nice not having the net at home, I’ve covered more papers and books than I’d ever normally do!


It might appear all calm on the western front, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, the new house is less than 24 hours away, and a weekend of white vans, lumping, dumping, swearing and being generally knackered is on the cards, and oh boy am I looking forward to it. It’ll be so nice to have my own space back, all my stuff, and most importantly our own little castle, high up on Campden Hill… Indeed it’s a move of only 92 steps from our old flat, it’s just a pity of those two moves we’ve had to take such a detour! But who cares, the weekend beckons as does our warm new flat and I can’t wait.

How rock & roll

What a week: I didn’t think it was ever going to finish, and here it is on a Saturday evening and I’m still working, although this time on something that we’ve put off for long enough, and it’s in house which means the pressure isn’t their and it’s actually quite a laugh to do. Off to a meeting tomorrow morning, then off to see some flats, what a very rock and roll way to spend your last weekend on the bright side of 25.

Yep… 26 in only a few days, the wishlist is at the bottom… that’s a hint, buy me something nice! *grins*

Round Up

You’ll have to excuse me, as I know I’ve not blogged for decades: I have, as the the generic excuse of every lazy blogger goes, been busy.

I’ve been running all over the place doing all sorts of things, including, directing and shooting a fashion shoot for a well known tailor, attending endless meetings discussing everything from the details and minutia of an innovative start-up to bowels and bloating with another (and there really is a reason for this…), doing another shoot taking photos of bus lanes, buildings and traffic islands for later digital play and many other things. I’ve also been feverishly picking up new camera parts, searching for a new HD-DV cam (thinking of the Canon XH1) and preparing several pitches for several new and interesting potentials.

Alongside all of this the house hunt is once again picking up pace, with everything above and more it’s been a slow process, we’ve also done some (shock horror) socialising, coffee, films and galleries.

I really must whinge about the new Tate Modern exhibition, having made the effort to cross the river eariler this week, meeting dave mid-way across the Millennium Bridge (very Spooks), to go and see the much talked about “Slides”, we were very disappointed to find only two were open, and both of these were filled with devil spawn and their pushy-mummies while the others, gated and guarded by a surly looking Tate modern attendant were apparently ‘fully booked’ – and fuck me they looked it, not. So miffed at not getting to have a go on the slides, we were ultra critical of the installation which seemed even more pointless when you can’t get the endorphin hit they’re supposed to provide on the way down… to us they seemed badly lit, poorly constructed (horrid welding… if you’re into that sort of thing), and just a little uninviting: they certainly weren’t embracing like the Weather Project was, so disappointed at Tate.

However I really must enthuse about The Devil Wears Prada, which is wickedly funny; well shot, beautifully styled and strangely true to life in many of it’s nuances, anyone that’s worked in or around the fashion industry will be able to see someone they know in any one of the main characters. Meryl Streep as Anna Wintour ahem, Miranda Priestly is stunning whilst Anne Hathaway puts in a sterling performance as ugly duckling turned swan. Whilst on the subject of movies I must also say that since Odeon took over the UCI at Whiteleys the seats are now so much more comfy, avoiding that horrid mid-movie-numb-bum, that used to be a danger whenever visiting that particular cinema.

I must also positively drool over Notting Hell, Rachel Johnson’s new book all about the trials and tribulations of life on the communal garden in my favourite part of London, again if you live, or have ever lived in W11 this book will give you deep deep joy, and it’s hilariously accurate, although I’ve yet to come across any reference to Dutch neighbours who fake orgasms every saturday morning – so I’m guessing that that’s just one of our personal experiences.

So it’s Monday morning, admittedly a long time before work is to start, but Monday none the less – I’m promising myself that I’ll do more blogging this week, I’ve got a phone full of more tube fashion disasters and I’ve got tales of a conversation overheard in Starbucks Notting Hill Gate which I’m just too tired to explain the utter ridiculousness of right now, but I promise I’ll do that some time this week!


I’m so, so very bored, and I don’t know why, I’ve been in an utterly blank mood all evening and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can interest me. *sulks glumly*


I’ve never thought I’ve had the ‘nesting’ thing in me, I’ve only ever been desperately attached to one house, but since seeing what is without doubt ‘the perfect house’ – regardless of whether we get it this time around or simply have to wait and buy one on that street (as they’re all pretty much the same) in a few years – I’ve been ‘nesting’; oh yes, the past two nights I’ve been looking at art and furniture.

Some of the art I’ve spotted so far:

With a handy gap between properties this time we have the opportunity to move into a house knowing everything’s in storage, meaning we can look seriously at what we do and don’t want in the house. I know that I certainly don’t want the old bed; to say it’s screwed is the understatement of the year; it’s taken a battering with the moving about recently, and didn’t stand up to the last time it was stored, so that’s going to go, this time replaced by something more substantial and with a firmer mattress: having slept on a proper mattress for the last few nights I’ve come to realise just what a bad nights sleep I was having previously… so that bed has got to go.

Another thing I don’t want are the older bookcases, you see between the two of us we have a staggering number of books, six large crates of them to tell the truth and being a hoarder I couldn’t possibly think of parting with any of them, the problem with that is they take their toll on the bookshelves all of the cheap ones of which are now bowing and or just coming apart: so a trip to IKEA will probably be in order to purchase some of the ever trusty Billy bookcases – I’ve thrown the very worst of the heavy books at them over the years at they’ve yet to fail me.

So there we go, the nesting begins, thankfully I’ve got enough restraint not to buy these framed prints here and now, as I seem to have added the best part of a couple of hundred quids worth of art and aluminium custom built frames to my shopping basket!

Random Phone Photos

Some random photos of an average day…


The tube is always featured in the days when I actually get away from the house and have to go into town or the office; and here’s something I spotted a few days ago; I mean let’s face it every average day you find at least one odd ball on the tube, but this one was special: this guy was on the northern line and in his rucksack he had lots of paper cuttings that he was meticulously stitching together with sellotape and pritstick, I have no idea what it was, ever so often a cutting would come out and be placed on top of the stuff out of the paper, and this was inevitably followed by 30 seconds of frantic scribbling with a yellow highlighter – you never know, we could have been sharing a tube car with the next Turner Winner…

Notting Hill Gate Tube Map Odd Chap

Not enough time in my life…

I’m really rather vexed at the moment, my life is in boxes, i’ve got a move out date coming approaching in single figures, I’ve got at least 3 full days of meetings, plus a tonne of work to do, and I’ve still got to pack up all of the stuff that you simply can’t pack up because you need it to live… I could do with an extra fortnight to cover what I need to do in the next 5 days, but that’s not going to happen so it’s going to be another week of super-human effort between the two of us to keep on top of the move, the house, the packing, the office and everything that goes with it.

I almost got arrested a few days ago, I was stopped and searched coming off the underground because apparently I was wearing too many clothes, I did try to explain that it had been an early start to the day and it had been grey and cold when I started, but that apparently didn’t make a difference; nor did it seem to make a difference when I told them I was late and I could do without all this bollocks, at which point they thought it would be funny to hold me up for an extra 10 minutes telling me that I was in danger of ‘breaching the peace’… It would appear liberty has been taken away in favour of ‘safety’: frankly I’d have loved them to arrest me for using ‘bollocks’ – the precedent already exists for it being an old english word for ‘nonsense’, which is of course what I meant when I said it, so I’m sure that would have been a glorious waste of everyone’s time… If the police got on with searching out the obvious threats to our society they’d perhaps have less time to pick on people just trying to get on with their every day lives.

To be honest the sooner this Government is replaced the sooner we might start to win back civil liberties that seem to be being taken away by an authoritarian government that seems to think that they can protect us whilst all at once supporting everything the war-mongering Bush regime wants to do in the world.

All quiet on the western front.

Ok, so it’s been all quiet on the western front; I know I’m bad, but life’s hectic. I’m in the middle of the nightmare move from hell, moving house is something we’ve got down to an artform, but when you’ve got a million fuckwits trying to throw a spanner in the works it takes a lot of time and patience to ensure that the whole moving process continues on time and on budget. Our new flat in Notting Hill will be coming together soon, but at the moment we’re no where near so there’s at least another 3 or 4 weeks of fannying around before we’re back to normal.

Elsewhere, work is manic: there’s six projects up in the air, plus half a dozen smaller jobs and my time is stretched reasonably thin – that’s being compounded by all of this house move shit, plus a few other contributing factors, people not listening, people telling us, the professionals, how to do our jobs because they don’t want to listen to brutal advice because they’re so entirely wrapped up in their own affairs.

It’s sad when people don’t listen to advice, whether it’s at work or elsewhere; especially when it’s coming from someone that cares, someone that knows exactly what they’re talking about and someone that has the facts, figures and hardcore research sat in front of them… but as my Mum has always said you can only tell people, you can’t make people, and if they won’t listen then all you can do is be there for them when it all goes to pot, I’ve modified that for my own purposes, and when it comes to when it all goes to pot I tell them that I told them so then give them a bill to sort out the mess… which if they then don’t want I’ll let them sink.

If there’s something I learnt from my last business it’s that you can never get involved with the actual project itself, if you get wrapped up in it you end up doing things that are bad for your own business and you can potentially end up doing one of two things: lose money, or worse lose money and take the blame. You have to stick to your guns at all times, if it’s a bad idea tell them, tell them again, put it in writing and then stand back and let them get on with it… it should never be forgotten that whatever line of business you’re in, you’re in business for you and the integrity and financial stability of your own business should always be put first.

Anyway… that’s enough of that; I’ve written a few things about business recently; all rather more cogent than this… I’m thinking of putting them up in a new section. So stand by…

What a day…

What a day, 30 odd degree’s, power-cuts and some of the most torrential rain I’ve ever seen, I’m too knackered to write much at the moment, and the heat isn’t doing any favours for the brain, so I’ll update this all a bit more cogently sometime cooler/later.