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Fuck you

…and fuck you too!

I’ve really had a gut-full today, I really don’t need this sort of shit, and on top of everything that’s happened on this cunt of a day, I could certainly do without people be thoroughly disingenuous: I don’t need or want to know what your opinion is of me, first or second hand, because frankly you don’t know me, all you’ve seen are snippits, edited high and low lights, hardly what you might call representative of a person as a whole; so next time… before you aurally vomit over us, please sit back and as a very good friend of mine used to say ‘just… shut the fuck up’.


I’ve always been a man who dislikes having his hand pushed, I like to do things in my own time, in my own manner, and I’m ridiculously possessive about running my life, so when a letter arrives in the bad news express this morning marked with the postmark of the letting agent it’s normally one of a few things, they’re bitching about wanting to do something to the house, or they’re bitching about wanting to inspect to see if we’ve burnt the place down, or they’re serving notice… and today that’s what they did. Bit of a cunt as we were already looking at moving and were working to a schedule we’d put together; but now that hand has been forced and we’re going to have to piss about working to someone else schedules.

What’s worse… is that they did this only six months ago, they lied about wanting to sell our previous house, and then 3 months after moving out we find that they’re not selling, they’re simply kicking tenants out so they can put the rent up higher than they’d legally be allowed to do with a tenant in the house, cunts.

Anyhoo… so we’re moving, and we’re moving quicker than we initially want to (well at least from the point of view of before we weren’t pressured), it’s going to be stressful, but it’s also going to be exciting, moving house always is, and we’ll get to at least spend one day bombing about in a big white van, so we can relieve the stress on wing-mirrors and curb-stones.