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A must read.

Over at Order Order, Guido Fawkes has published a rallying cry for all entreprenuers to get behind; a defence of Phillip Green. Very rarely do you see the case being made for the people that risk everything to start businesses being made so succinctly.

I’ve given houses, relationships, credit records, personal belongings and my social life to the businesses that I’ve been involved in running over the years – don’t get me wrong, when the times are good, it can be great, but when it all goes wrong it can be horrific – and all the time the British distain of entreprenualiasm and risk dogs you, while generation after generations of our politicians insist on double taxing business owners, making SMEs subsidise employee taxes and wrapping businesses up in red tape and restrictive tax regimes – It’s really no surprise at all that those that get to the stage where they can afford to move their liability do so – and they do so perfectly legally.

Have a look at Guido’s article now – and the next time you see an over-stuffed leftie ranting in front of top shop, or from her overpaid, over exposed Grauniad column, think of the shit that most people that run the backbone of this countries small and medium businesses go through every day to subsidise a state that doesn’t support business and feels it has a right to steal and cheat from anyone that dares take a risk setting up a new business.