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I will not be cleansed.

I’ve lived in Tower Hamlets on and off for quite a while – and now more than ever before it doesn’t feel safe to be the person I am in the street. Homophobia is chronic and becoming increasingly violent in this self-imposed ghetto of medieval fantasy… The whole Muslim community need to take this on board, they must not allow a minority of violent extremists to drag the area down still further.

Bullying Fuckwits

And so the rise of Christian Fundamentalism continues apace as Catholic Truth set out to ‘out’ people based only on hearsay and rumour e-mailed to them. Let’s hope the libel solicitors have a field day, not to mention the police; as this nest of vipers is stirring shit based on nothing more than words put in a pointless book that was written thousands of years ago by politicians and the mentally ill.

So don’t forget to go online and tell these fuckwits that we’re not living in the age of the spanish inquisition any more: catholictruth@ukonline.co.uk or http://www.catholictruth.co.uk. None of these links by the way are important enough to warrant hyperlinks.

Mile High

If you’ve seen Mile High one Sky One, I’d like to act as a public service announcement, on behalf of the whole gay community: I’d like to point out that most gay people do not use sex to get jobs, do not take copious amounts of drugs, don’t jump into bed with every good looking person they see and do not all live for being a camp clubbing stereotypical queen.

I have never been so embarrassed by a television program, and I’m really angry with Sky for airing such a air-headed program full of the worst social stereotypes in the world, being gay is not about being a drug taking sex crazed trolley dolly, it’s about living normal day to day lives, going to work, coming home, worrying about the bills, going to work again, going out, enjoying life, doing the shopping, finding a loved one: It’s normal, it’s mundane, it’s day to day… and the day the fucking stereotypes that programmes like Mile High throw at you dies a death will be a day to celebrate.