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Deep in the trough

It’s amusing, and at the same time scandalous, that Brown is set to impose a 3 line whip today with MP’s potentially facing sanctions if they break ranks against plans to obfuscate MP’s expenses at exactly the same time the government are asking, nay – demanding, businesses be transparent; it’s also further proof, if any were needed, that despite claims that Labour’s on the side of the hard working that they’ve got their noses stuffed in the trough deeper than anyone else.

MP’s expenses should be public, it’s outrageous that some are claiming that it would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to collate and scan receipts for instance, you try telling HMRC that when you do your tax return and they’ll send someone around to inspect you personally! MP’s that vote for this dirty new piece of legislation designed to hide what they’re doing with our taxpayers money should hang their heads in shame, one rule for the rulers, another for the people. It’s disgusting

Very glad to see Alan Duncan working hard in his new post with the party leadership to ensure the conservatives vote against this abuse of power, personally I’d welcome the leadership booting out any MP that refused to publish their expenses or indeed backing any grubby law that makes it easier for MP’s of any party to hide what they’re spend our money on: we need transparent politics and transparent politicians now more than ever, the hypocrisy of one rule for us has to stop to build trust with the people of this country that’s been so thoroughly trashed over the last few years.

UPDATE Brown has backed down, according to breaking news sources – expect MP’s expenses to be published ‘within weeks’.