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Great Britain PLC is Closed

We have ‘Extreme’ Weather today, which for the uninitiated in Britain is a couple of cm of snow, and yes, once again it’s chaos, no buses, no tubes, no trains, motorways and a-roads closed and people being told to stay at home or risk freezing to death after they break down. We really are pathetic, yes we don’t get it often, but it’s not like we never get snow – people should at least be half prepared for it; and let’s face it – with climate change making it’s mark on the world, Britain’s not going to get warmer, we’re going to get colder as the gulf stream slows down, so now’s a better time than ever to learn how to deal with it.

Snow closes London

Of course what’s most interesting about Today’s snow is the complete closure of the London bus network – I can’t remember the last time it was entirely closed, even with industrial action, it’s quite spooky looking at roads devoid of the familiar red bus.