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It’s the final countdown

We’re now in the final few days before what I consider to be the most important election in my lifetime: the choice is clear – more of the same, a slow slide toward authoritarian big state dragging out society toward economic and social failure, or two very different choices that are at the same time almost the same. You see the problem with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats is that there’s stuff in both their manifesto’s that I like and dislike in equal measure – It’s going to be a difficult one, but I think the military family history and the entrepreneur in me will keep my vote in the Conservative box: I just hope that Cameron now comes good on his big liberal society promises, and finally answers the parties European issues.

The one thing you can expect, is that this week is going to be dirty – people are going to be spinning and smearing all week: it’s going to be vicious: I think I’ll be down at Haymarket’s Sports Café for live coverage until dawn – either that or stuck in the office with pizza and beer cheering Blinky Balls getting his arse kicked.

RIP Civil Liberties.

This is really really bad news, if the government manage to push this one through parliament you can kiss goodbye to just about every civil liberty the UK has for individual privacy. The problem stems from the government not understanding the Internet, they don’t understand the Internet in the slightest, they are a kid playing with a box of matches, and it’s only a matter of time before this entire issue blows up in their face.

If you thought the anti-war march was a big thing, you just wait until the British public find that they’re having Big Brother watch over and keep all their personal information, all their e-mails, all their correspondence, all the websites they visit. Anything you transfer electronically will be open information to anyone in the government that wants it.

Just think: Your Accounts, Your Love Letters, Your Passwords, Everything you could possibly transfer in an electronic form, they’ll be able to keep, they’ll be able to go through it, they’ll be able to dissect every single word you type, and there will be nothing you can do about it. The governments stand on this is “if you have nothing to hide then you needn’t be worried” – but that’s no the point, the point is I don’t want my private life dissected, I don’t want people trying to find trends from the information I send, and I definitely don’t want my information being stored. My information, my writings, my copyrights, my accounts, are *nothing* to do with the fucking wanky arsewipe labour fucking government, and I will not be pushed to one side and not listened to by the elected officials of my country.

If they think they can push through laws that take the civil liberties of this country back into the fucking dark ages they’ve got another thing coming. If they thought the anti-war demonstration was big, they ain’t seen nothing to what the British people will do when every shred of their personal live’s is open to scrutiny by organisations that don’t answer to the public or the law.