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On the reshuffle

Musical chairs this morning at CCHQ as Cameron shuffled his team in what many are arguing to be the most significant change since he took the reigns at the last leadership election.

The big news is of course Ken Clarke, an interesting move but a solid one – he’s a heavy hitter with a good grasp of the economy and an excellent style that’ll hopefully be used to the party’s advantage against the snake–tongue of the non–elected business secretary in these most difficult of times for businesses in the UK. Moving Therasa May to shadow work and pensions is a clever move that’ll again use a solid parliamentarian to best effect, as is the move of Eric Pickles to chair. Others (IainGuidoConHome and more) have covered the reshuffle in more detail, so I’m not going to go into any real detail other than to say I’m satisfied that we’re seeing positive action on the front benches.

Of course there are things that still need to be done, but I think they are more organisational than people orientated – it’s clear that CCHQ still needs better news monitoring and quicker reaction from appropriate shadow’s to introduce all of the faces to the public, but with Eric Pickles’ taking the chair I can’t help but think that these back office reforms will be swiftly implemented.