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A classic look

This is a superb design schema, carried through strong typography and absolutely essential use of simple design elements. You very rarely see design of this standard in my opinion; we should promote this attention to detail in all design courses in the UK – because the tiny details are what makes a superb piece of design stand out from the every-day.

Paul Tebbott Design

Via: Fubiz

A new colour scheme for auntie?

BBC New Colours?In light of last night’s thorough mauling in the Polls maybe it’s time the BBC have a redesign, after all, they seemed extremely keen to do so in 1997!

It looks rather nice, even if I do say so myself.

the next bbc colour change perhaps? (large version)

It certainly has been a hell of a night for the Conservatives so far, they’re clearly communicating a message of positive change to the electorate as the feedback people seem to be giving is they’re not punishing labour, they’ve simply (and finally) had enough of them and see the other parties, and especially Cameron’s team as being where Britain needs to be going

Re-designs aplenty!

Well it’s been bloody ages hasn’t it – but this time there is a good reason actually related to this website, oh yes – because I’ve been working on the new design and brand new content. It’s all very exciting, radically different to this site in so many ways, and it’s been a real labour of love that’s slowly come together over the past few months, so expect everything to be changing soon!

Elsewhere I see that the Guardian is redesigning too – and what a beauty it is, lovely use of Egyptian serif fonts, good use of colour to separate out sections and lovely little details such as PNG24’s splicing straight through dividers – let’s hope this is the design that finally makes it across the whole site as recently they’ve looked a bit ‘all over the place’ with the comment is free site having had a face lift and the rest of the site not. The biggest, and for me most important thing they done is probably the simplest – they’ve w-i-d-e-n-e-d the whole site, finally shaking off the last vestiges of the confines of 800 by 600, something that I’m rather keen on myself *wink*.

BBC 2.0

In other news today the Beeb have finally decided that they’re going to overhaul there website (no doubt at massive expense to the license paying public… but that’s another argument). Dubbed bbc.co.uk 2.0 (how bloody original is that!) the whole user experience will be based around share, play and find: one would assume this is to cater for the currently massively underrepresented demographic of three year olds using the site. They’re also re-branding myBBCplayer to the iPlayer, also 10 out of 10 for originality there!

That’s what really annoys me about the BBC it seems so driven by the committee that the independence of thought and genuine creativity shown by a good proportion of it’s staff is often killed off, death by committee me thinks.

Stupid Fucking Racoons

It’s with no great surprise that this morning I read about Orange axing their £10million ‘Animals’ ad campaign after only four weeks, quite how it got off the drawing board is quite beyond me, and if anyone from Orange is reading the ‘animals’ things actually lost you at least one sale as I was so bored of trying to find a tariff on Orange whilst being compared to a Racoon… (which we don’t even have in this country!?) that I decided to search for a new phone with incumbent O2 and Three instead of switching to Orange.

Apparently according to Brand Republic the campaign is to be replaced as soon as possible with a new set of ad’s concentrating on the imminent rebrand of France Telecom’s subsidiary companies… I believe, although I’m not 100% sure that this will see most services in the UK and Europe re-branded as ‘Orange’, this rebrand apparently will also sound the death-knell for the only recently revised Wanadoo brand in favour of something a little more ‘Orange’ – It’s funny how a brand everyone thought was daft when it first surfaced has ended up outliving many of it’s more established (ex)competitors.


As I was wandering down Charring Cross road today I realised that I’ve absolutely no idea how or when they get the money out of phone boxes, I know it sounds thoroughly daft but where does the money go, how often do they need emptying, are phoneboxes linked by some bizarre suction tunnel system that sucks the money away? Maybe that’s what the BT tower is for… the bottom half just fills up with money from all the callboxes throughout the city, now there’s a thought! Silliness aside I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take money out of a phone box, and they must fill up relatively quickly in some places – is it up to the engineers? or possibly BT have a money-from-phone-box-collection agency?

Speaking of BT they’ve changed their logo again… Well actually they haven’t, they’ve just got a lot of free press coverage about getting rid of an old logo, the new logo that they’ve apparently spent £5million on is the existing BT openworld logo, which speaking in terms of brand says absolutely almost nothing about the company: according to the blurb it’s all about connecting the planet, but frankly most people will see it exactly as it is, a range of coloured blobs in a circle. It’s not a design classic, but how many new logo’s are these days?


Greenpeace TearI think this should be one of the most powerful images of the year, I think it’s brilliant, especially in our current climate of foreboding war and destruction, the constant threat of terrorism and the continual rape of the planet by individuals and corporations. I found it on here: What do you think?

I lost all faith in our “government” today, as it was announced that the damning dossier on Iraq was in fact nothing more than a plagiarised student thesis with some very questionable “intelligence” facts and figures bolted on. I really have to question whether in the light of this information coming out should the government be allowed to continue this crazy build up to war? Saddam is dangerous, everyone know’s that, but what is our justification for war? We simply don’t have one, the USA might, the Israelis might, but we don’t: and as such we should not even be considering dragging ourselves into a war which we can’t win and more importantly can’t afford. If I were a backbencher, or opposition in the house of commons now I would be jumping up and down shouting for a motion of no-confidence, because that’s exactly what I have in our government right now.