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Apple out of tune with the European single market?

Back in the heady days of the dot com boom we were endlessly told that we were witnessing a revolution, e-commerce sites and services would make international borders a thing of the past; the old worries of buying and importing goods and services would be a thing of the past; interestingly politics beat e-commerce to this in the European single market – a good thing I think we can all agree, but it seems that the more borders we break down the more artificial ones corporations with vested interests and their dedicated corporate lawyers seem to put up

Take for instance the iTunes store, an example of a digital company taking a traditional industry and dragging it kicking and screaming into the digital age: the music industry is practically luddite in it’s views, but iTunes, at least on the face of it would seem to have made it an open e-commerce industry allowing the users to buy anywhere in the world, but it’s not quite that simple. Try buying a track in Europe however and you might find that something you can buy in the UK isn’t quite so available 23 miles across the channel in France, or literally a hop skip and a jump across a border from Italy to Austria, making an utter mockery of the European Single Market, and making life frustrating in our ever more connected world.

It’s a true sign of the luddite nature of the music industry that the combined bureaucracy of the European Union is having to be brought to bear to strong-arm music licensing and distribution companies to sell their products to consumers in accordance with the laws of the lands they’re selling in. But for anyone that travels, or sits as an ex-pat or just happens to be based across borders it’s really great news that The European Commission competition commissioner Nellie Kroes is going to be bringing together industry executives with Apple’s Steve Jobs, Mick Jagger – presumably representing the musicians union/combined interest and the CEO of eBay, a firm which really has cracked pan-european trading to work toward bringing the true goal of a single market to the digital world, no matter what the excuses may be from companies still intent on keeping artificial borders alive in order to buck the market in their favour.

Apple, Pull your socks up!

Is it just me feeling a little, well – miffed, at apple’s latest product announcement? The Apple ‘touch’ and Apple ‘Classic’, basically a iphone broken so it only does the music bit (woo… who thought of that!?) and a the apple classic, same 5th gen iPod, different case (just to shame you into buying one).

I love apple, I do. But some of their product announcements do take the piss, and the culmination of this all, you’ll be able to surf (only) the iTunes store for free in Starbucks, so you can buy the music they play. Woo. God, Hold back the excitement… no really.

Now I know we got treated to brand new iMacs and iWork (which we dutifully went and bought) at the last event, but it really does seem like apple spend too much time chasing the iPod market now, iPods are updated constantly while the real apple faithful, the people that, like me, own a veritable army of the bloody things are constantly forgotten about: where’s our long awaited 12inch PowerBook replacement? Yes the 13inch MacBook Pro is nice, but it’s not as nice as the 12″ PowerBook ever was, and yes I know Leopard is coming, but, come on… wasn’t that supposed to be out in Spring?! And where are the new line of monitors with integrated iSights? Indeed where the bloody hell did the iSight go? And what about the iPod stand? The latest one is a pile of kak, it doesn’t properly control the iPod and comes with no cables, so it’s (out of the box) simply a stand, not as they promise ‘a dock’, you can’t charge, can’t listen to music, and can’t control the iPod when it’s in it’s cradle.

Apple really need to pull their socks up, because real users, not just fashionable chumps buying iPods, are starting to get really rather fucked off with constant change that does nothing but make the company stand still

Steve Jobs on DRM

Anyone who buy’s music online should be interested in what Steve Job’s has to say about Digital Rights Management (DRM), he’s posted (unusually) a long and relatively blunt piece on what the music industry must do to keep online music going.

Subliminal Messages?

Take a close look at the photo from this rather dull article about one of a million new broadband providers, do you think there’s someone at the BBC trying to flood the British public with subliminal messages about how we should all /switch?


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