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The truth about ad-sales.

Came across this the other day, it’s cringe-worthy, but so true… I have (shamefully) sat in meetings like this with lots of people bigging up their ego’s whilst trying to sell the client bollocks. The little thing about zig and zagging… I wonder who that could be aimed at… answers on a postcard please.

Wrong Name

This still is from the new TfL cinema advert, also being shown in a limited fashion on the new digital panels at Tottenham Court Road, note the tag line taken from this still shown on the TfL website, First stop Charing Cross, which would be great, if that weren’t Baker Street, you’d think the four distinct references to ‘Baker Street’ would have been a bit of a giveaway and the fact that the now disused Jubilee line platforms at Charing Cross are lime green, not burnt orange.

Perhaps the most pointless advert ever?

I really can’t see the point of this advert which has apparently just been shot in LA other than scaring people and reinforcing the fact that every Arab and Indian is out to “slaughter” “innocent” Americans. Really what is the point? Other than perhaps causing paranoia and hysteria, you surely wouldn’t be able to spot a suicide bomber before they’re going to do something anyway? And I can’t imagine the ad’s is aimed at the terrorists, as I have serious doubts as to whether a glossy bullet time advert is going to change their beliefs in a single 45 second slot?

Animal Magic

So contrary to earlier reports it now seems that Orange are intent on ploughing ahead and continuing the ill thought out ‘Animals’ campaign – I wonder whether that’s come from internal pressure to keep the campaign running, or whether the leak that they were going to ditch it was in fact from someone pissed with Orange moving their ad account around? Wherever it came from it was certainly well circulated. I just can’t see the merits in keeping a campaign running that:

  1. looks piss poor
  2. confuses the customer
  3. is actually talked about by the customers in derogatory terms
  4. seems to actually discourage people from buying just by confusing them?

But keeping it they are: well at least for now; I’d be interested in a sweep-stake for how long it actually stays though… like the “hard-nosed’ business man” campaign – I sense this one may have a much shorter life-span than perhaps first intended.

Stupid Fucking Racoons

It’s with no great surprise that this morning I read about Orange axing their £10million ‘Animals’ ad campaign after only four weeks, quite how it got off the drawing board is quite beyond me, and if anyone from Orange is reading the ‘animals’ things actually lost you at least one sale as I was so bored of trying to find a tariff on Orange whilst being compared to a Racoon… (which we don’t even have in this country!?) that I decided to search for a new phone with incumbent O2 and Three instead of switching to Orange.

Apparently according to Brand Republic the campaign is to be replaced as soon as possible with a new set of ad’s concentrating on the imminent rebrand of France Telecom’s subsidiary companies… I believe, although I’m not 100% sure that this will see most services in the UK and Europe re-branded as ‘Orange’, this rebrand apparently will also sound the death-knell for the only recently revised Wanadoo brand in favour of something a little more ‘Orange’ – It’s funny how a brand everyone thought was daft when it first surfaced has ended up outliving many of it’s more established (ex)competitors.