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Crap Covers

I’m not sure whether some of these are made up or not, doesn’t really matter though – as they’re all crap, funny, disturbing even, but ultimately crap!


God I’m ill, not like pissy cold, but properly knock you clean out for 48 hours ill – I’ve sweated, shivered, tossed, turned, puked, coughed and generally felt like someone had put a broken bottle into my throat. I’m so not happy.

So that’s it then…

Well it’s boxing day, 2006 – and that’s Christmas out of the way, I do hope you all had, as they say, a good one. Things weren’t all too shabby at my end, spending the day itself in the company of my other half with no interuptions of having to run off to family. Not that I’m saying that seeing family isn’t enjoyable; but not seeing any of them has made a pleasant change this year.

I must enthuse about my favourite present, Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diary – which I’ve pretty much consumed cover to cover already, it’s full of wonderful recipes and has really rather inspired me to push myself further away from the consumerism of the supermarkets and to make even more of the wonderful deli’s, markets and independent retailers that we’re so lucky to have on our doorstep here in Notting Hill.

Went to see The Queen this evening, not her Royal Highness, but Helen Mirran – doing what has to be said is a wonderful and rather uncanny impression of her, I know I’m rather slow in seeing this movie, which seems to have been out for ages, but I missed it when it showed here, but The Gate had it on again so we decided that it was a much better idea to wander to the cinema than to absorb the crap on boxing day television, I say this with the exception of the unexpectedly funny Freaky Friday which was on earlier and the long awaited comeback of Challenge Anneka.

Not officially back to work until after the new year, but I can see tomorrow not being a day entirely of rest, which is a shame as I had hoped to take the whole fortnight off, but that’s seems unlikely when there are suppliers that need chastising and clients that need advice. I shall, however endeavor to put my feet up as often as possible, and maybe crack open another few bottles in the coming days.

I’ve also been persuaded elsewhere on the internet to produce my first vlog… I’ve joined the 21st century and put a video of myself up on You Tube – I might turn it into a regular feature if the feedback keeps on being good!

80’s Pitch Shift

Oh… the 80’s: turn this up loud for the full experience.

Campden Hill-Billy’s

And we’re in…. yay! – I’ve actually been blogging while the net connection has been down at home, so I’ll get them online shortly. It’s been quite nice not having the net at home, I’ve covered more papers and books than I’d ever normally do!

Jackie O-D

You’ve heard of Jackie O specs? Well here’s what happens when you OD on Jackie O.

Oh joy.

Deep JoyIt’s 30°C and the tube radio’s have all gone to shit; it would only cost a tiny fraction of the money London subsidises the rest of the UK with to put this right, but instead we continue to subsidise buses for miserable snotbags going to school and old ladies in Fife who use buses which are of no use to any other member of society instead of sorting the transport system that moves the people that generate the money that this country runs on.

A genetic experiment gone wrong?

Love Child

Is it just me who thinks Russell Brand may be the big brother created genetic experiment love child of Jagger and llewelyn-Bowen? You decide…

Dropping like Flies

They’re dropping like flies in the Big Brother house as George (one of the few ‘normal’ people left) has voluntarily asked to leave the house because he’s unsure whether he wants to be famous, which is fair enough…When you look at the 3 months of the media zoo Big Brother contestants have had to endure in the past one can only assume that the experience takes it’s toll, and considering this year that pretty much everything is open to use by Big Brother, as for example the whole nation now knows Sezar is circumcised; I’m not sure that anyone’s feeling comfortable that their inner-most personal secrets could be unveiled at any second to the general populous, and that’s assuming that they’ve not already been shouted to the nation by any one of the red tops.

The fooking poof has left the building

I did promise myself that I wouldn’t blog to much here about Big Brother 7, but can I just proclaim from the rooftops how very happy indeed I am that the self-proclaimed ‘wacky paki poof‘ has walked from the house, rumours are he was asked to leave rather than left of his own volition but the official line is he chose to leave as he didn’t really “integrate” with the group. If by integrate they mean have any social skills beyond a short grasp of the worst gay stereotypes then I’d certainly agree…

As a gay man I’ve cringed every single time he’s ‘graced’ the screen, and as a hard working tax payer I’ve been irked by his seeming lack of care that he’s never done a day’s work in his life and lives entirely off the state but seems to think he’s “contributing”, he’s been without doubt the vilest housemate Big Brother has ever placed in the house and i’m gleeful beyond measure that he’s gone.