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Shepherd’s Pie

Continuing the hopeless homely series… A distinctly autumnal day deserves something wholesome: homemade Shepherd’s Pie all set to go in the oven.

Shepherd's Pie


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall.

CoffeeHopelessly homely update; but today with the driving rain, grey skies and slight chill that makes you reach for a jumper before the sun has gone down. I love autumn, I can’t wait for the season to kick in properly, the light is amazing for photography.

So it’s been a while

In fact it’s been almost a digital lifetime: but I can’t think maybe it’s time to blog a bit – don’t expect a terrific amount of long form: do expect some picture essays and maybe the odd history and architecture tidbits.

Hello Dave…

I do love a good mash-up, and here’s one of the most recent ones that made me chuckle.

Ten predictions for 2009

One: The recession will be worse than most people have so far admitted, companies both small and large will struggle – those reliant on borrowing for cashflow are doomed.

Two: ITN won’t bring back the jobless count, much to the general annoyance of every person wanting to pin the destruction of the economy on the muppets in government.

Three: Mandelson will resign or be fired, again, for some reason – I’d start a sweepy, but i think it might end in a writ.

Four: Brown won’t call an election, probably the safest prediction, I’m afraid we’re stuck with him for another year.

Five: They will find someone else to blame the economy on, if not the American’s it’ll be some other poor sod.

Six: There’ll be a shadow cabinet reshuffle, seats for Davis and Clarke possibly?

Seven: House prices will continue to fall, probably knocking off a good 15% off today’s values, this won’t help the market recover just yet though, as the banks still won’t lend to first time buyers.

Eight: The nationalised and part nationalised banks will continue to embarrass the government in ways they haven’t yet imagined.

Nine: Tight Labour party finances will see a resurgence of Unions setting the political agenda, expect to see the minimum wage go up crucifying businesses.

Ten: To add to the woes of major retailers going bust I’m expecting Ad revenues to kill off at least one newspaper.

Here’s to 2009!

Well that’s it – 2008 is almost over; and what a year it’s been… OK, so the economy is, well, screwed, and house prices have fallen through the floor (oh well, can’t say my heart bleeds), politics have crackled and we’ve seen more than one, but hopefully the last, dead cat bounce. I’m looking forward to 2009: I think it’s going to be a blinder. Whatever you’re up to this evening enjoy yourself, play safe, and let’s all raise a glass to a peaceful and prosperous New Year, Cheers!

Merry Christmas

I’d just like to wish everyone that visits a very Merry Christmas, let’s hope Father Christmas brings all the things you’ve wanted.

A headline writer’s dream.

Great Headline - Great Tits Cope Well With Warming

It’s uncanny

It's quite uncanny...I did promise myself that I wouldn’t blog about the apprentice, but the damn thing has got the better of me! We’re now down to the final five, and what a motley bunch they are; two wet rags, and a couple of feisty ones and at least one who seems, despite the editing and odd choice of head wear, almost employable.

I’m really not keen on the remaining boys, Lee seems harmless enough, albeit in a big shouty vectra driving rep way, but he’s hardly top flight executive material is he? And the less said about Alex the better, lord preserve us, he really is just wet: in his head he may well be a great salesmen, unfortunately in reality he’s a whiny northerner who’s shirked responsibility so often it’s a shame that his name doesn’t rhyme with Teflon as it’s clear he should have been booted right at the start.

The girls are an interesting bunch; Helene bless her seems out of her league, I’d agree with the assessment that she’s probably not going to fit in having come from such a large corporate background, the ethos is so different it’d be a rough transition at best. Claire I like, despite being a gob on a stick she’s clearly got not only got the nose for a sale, but an all round ability to apply herself, I like that; and it’s much the same with Lucinda, who’s taken a beating week after week for being ‘wet’, something which I’d disagree with: she’s the only one out of the whole bunch who clearly knows her limits, you can’t be a master of all trades, and she seems to recognise this.

It’s a real shame the apprentice hasn’t matured, there is no real focus on finding all round good business people, it’s salesmen, deal closer’s and shouty types that seem to be promoted in this program, and that doesn’t actually mirror the real ‘executive’ level of world business, where delegation, research, tact and an understanding of when to shut one’s mouth are equally important to closing the deal.

My money’s on Claire to win, although I have an awful feeling Alex might sneak through if he’s not booted at the interview stage for being a vacuous waste of skin, personally if it were my business I’d choose Lucinda any day, closely followed by Claire, the rest… well let’s just say their CV’s might end up filed in the wheelie bin.

On Hold

On hold to a store that shall remain nameless who entertain their customers while on hold with Recipe Idea I heard, and I kid ye not:

“Why not heat some garlic oil… add chopped and de-seeded chilli…. and toss vigourously.”

Yes, but after I’ve tossed vigourously, what is one supposed to do with the garlic and chopped chilli?