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Oddest scene in Soho

Very strange scene in Soho this evening – chaos as the one way system got completed snarled because it looked like the lift had made an escape attempt from this building on Broadwick Street, smashed glass and firemen everywhere…

Random phone photos

Some more random phone photos:

Above, two things you don’t see very often, an honestly badged chav car, and being undertaken by a house… and below, images from yesterday’s escape from the downpour.

Random Phone Photos

Some random photos of an average day…


The tube is always featured in the days when I actually get away from the house and have to go into town or the office; and here’s something I spotted a few days ago; I mean let’s face it every average day you find at least one odd ball on the tube, but this one was special: this guy was on the northern line and in his rucksack he had lots of paper cuttings that he was meticulously stitching together with sellotape and pritstick, I have no idea what it was, ever so often a cutting would come out and be placed on top of the stuff out of the paper, and this was inevitably followed by 30 seconds of frantic scribbling with a yellow highlighter – you never know, we could have been sharing a tube car with the next Turner Winner…

Notting Hill Gate Tube Map Odd Chap

Before and well… before, ish (but with better lighting)

Men's Health Con.Being a bit of a lardarse foody with a job that takes up all of my freetime and a social life as well I’ve never really gone in for the gym, or this ‘perfect man’ figure that seems to be all the rage in the Men’s magazines (a la Men’s Health etc…), but I spotted this image on a forum a few days ago under the heading of “look how he’s toneed up… wow!!” (sic) – and I was, well, shocked; because he hasn’t toned up (despite that apparently being what the article was all about, he’s just been photographed with less white light and more shadows to emphasise the muscles that he already had. Now I know that most magazine articles are a bit of a con; and I know that the industry in general (but especially the Women’s Mags) have been doing this for years pushing ‘the perfect body’, but come on – it’s obvious that this chaps not actually had to do anything at all to get from the before picture to the after picture? I mean I’d love to see them really take your average office lard-bucket and turn him into an adonis? That’d be an article really worth reading, but from Gym Buffed zero body fat, six pack actor/model to Gym Buffed zero body fat six pack is a bit of a pointless read don’t you think?

There’s no place like Plaistow

I spotted these on the tube the other day, and just couldn’t resist taking a photo! I’m just wondering, if she clicks them together 3 times will she get home any quicker?