About me

How do I describe myself, well concisely I’m thoroughly european thirty something and a bit of a media and politics whore; more verbosely I’m a happily settled chap in his (very) early thirties. I’m contentedly attached to my other half of almost fourteen years and we live together in a house in Soho with lots of books, a big bed, a comfy sofa and a half dozen Macs: we’ve got aspirations of getting a doggie in time and at some point we’ll probably get a house in London and one somewhere else, Los Angeles maybe or somewhere in Germany.

At work I have two hats, first as a partner in an innovative lifestyle and apparel brand which works with artists, musicians and creatives to produce limited edition clothing, accessories and collectables for people that have got bored of following the Supreme bandwagon, looking, talking and being the same.

The other hat is that of Creative Director at a boutique creative communications partnership which develops disruptive brand and marketing solutions, from initial concepts to final production; we create traditional and digital materials for an array of clients which include blue chips, charities and innovative funky start-ups.

So what got me to where I am today? Well after an international upbringing in a military family, I left school I took a rather nonconformist path and started my own internet agency, riding on the back of the dot com boom it grew quite quickly and gained itself a reputation, this I merrily did until late 2001 when I started to get itchy feet as the whole industry slowed down, eventually I took the step of shutting what I was doing down and deciding to give something new a try, so setting up in business with my other half we founded the company I currently work for and we’ve never looked back. In between all this I’ve also managed to hold down a pretty successful career in commercial radio and commercial production, started another company that fell on its face, had several relationships, worked for a national magazine, a small web agency in Dean Street and met enough d-list celebrities to sink a small liner.

I’m 173cm, probably weigh more than I should, I cook, I drink copiously, I love punk, I’m always out at gigs, I read the guardian, spiegel and the telgraph,  I start the day with Today, and finish it with Family Guy. My fella and my friends are my life, I love good conversation, illy coffee and I’m presently mourning the loss of my favourite haunt – la crêperie in soho – I love books, graffiti, modern art, Europe, and macs, I also have a weakness for pastries which might explain my almost constant need to either exercise, diet or worse both.

I believe in a thing called love, I believe vegetarians should tell their dinner host their preference before the first course is being served, I believe some corporations hold more sway than some governments and that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I believe that we’ve only got one planet and that if we don’t all make a difference today it won’t be here for the generations that follow, I believe that war in Iraq might have been justified if our government had been honest enough to say they were disposing of a ‘genocidal fuckhead’, I believe the biggest threat to the internet in the next twenty years will be from overbearing politicians and misplaced nationalism, and if you hadn’t noticed I believe in the freedom of speech.

So that’s me in a nutshell, it’s not a complete history, nor is it supposed to be, I’m not my website, there’s more to me than could ever be contained within a website; simply put this place is an outlet for my thoughts and musings that I want to share with the world, take from that what you will.

Look me up on twitter, facebook, foursquare, at work, on in the studio.