Daily Archives: January 2, 2011

iPhone fault.

In a post that’s guaranteed to get a least a few comments asking me to buy a proper alarm clock (which I own but is presently in storage). I must add my voice to the growing number of people complaining about the iPhone alarm bug.  I have many recurring alarms on my iPhone, the idea being that it slowly wakes me up with increasingly irritating sounds groups closer and closer together to guarantee that at least one alarm with irritate me sufficiently to get out of bed… so to have them all fail this morning and yesterday morning wasn’t ideal – both days I’ve overslept massively and I’ve had to have late nights to make up for the late start – just compounding the problem.

So please Apple: some of us have spent a lot of money with you over the years, we’ve stuck by bad products and poor customer services for the times when you get it really properly right, there are many issues with the iPhone that I can overlook for the wider benefits of what’s generally quite a good platform, but for crying out loud, an alarm clock isn’t cutting edge, I think every phone I’ve ever owned has had one, and oddly – failing battery failure – none, NONE, have ever failed me. You’ve promised a fix – but then you’ve done that before. So please sort it out.