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Over at Order Order, Guido Fawkes has published a rallying cry for all entreprenuers to get behind; a defence of Phillip Green. Very rarely do you see the case being made for the people that risk everything to start businesses being made so succinctly.

I’ve given houses, relationships, credit records, personal belongings and my social life to the businesses that I’ve been involved in running over the years – don’t get me wrong, when the times are good, it can be great, but when it all goes wrong it can be horrific – and all the time the British distain of entreprenualiasm and risk dogs you, while generation after generations of our politicians insist on double taxing business owners, making SMEs subsidise employee taxes and wrapping businesses up in red tape and restrictive tax regimes – It’s really no surprise at all that those that get to the stage where they can afford to move their liability do so – and they do so perfectly legally.

Have a look at Guido’s article now – and the next time you see an over-stuffed leftie ranting in front of top shop, or from her overpaid, over exposed Grauniad column, think of the shit that most people that run the backbone of this countries small and medium businesses go through every day to subsidise a state that doesn’t support business and feels it has a right to steal and cheat from anyone that dares take a risk setting up a new business.

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  1. Marvo the Martian

    Guido’s got a point! – Thanks for that, I would have missed it otherwise. The #ukUNCUT leftie scum are mainly economically illiterate children supported by Trots and Union tossers, they seem to assume that anyone that runs a business is on the make and living on an island under a palm tree. If any of them actually got of their fat subsidised cunts they’d realise that most of us are on the bloody breadline most of the time torn between wages, rates, taxes, vat, accountants fees, legal fees, and doing the actual work that keeps the damn business world running!!

  2. Marvo. I could not agree more.

  3. Dear Marvo,

    Does “doing the actual work” entail employing sweat shops and dodging tax like no there’s no tomorrow? If yes, then please post your company’s details so we can shut you down for a day.

    P.s. Seeing as you like using insults, I can only imagine that you’re some pre-historic minded, blue blooded moron, who’s been reinvigorated by the prospect of another bout of Tory driven “austerity” :)

  4. To tar every business as using sweatshops is a bit naive isn’t it – the whole sweatshop cause has been greatly undermined by the fact that many commentators wrongly attribute ‘sweatshop labour’ to any off-shoring that is used in the manufacture of clothing in the developing world.

    I don’t know about the previous commentator, but I couldn’t be less blue-blooded if I tried. I welcome a lot (not all, but a lot) of the austerity measures, Britain’s deficit is terrifying, employing people in the state sector as a measure to drive down unemployment isn’t an effective way of growing the economy.

    There are certainly some harsh words being thrown around, especially on twitter, but equally there is some economic illiteracy being exposed by some of the more fervent supporters of UKuncut: many of whom are under the impression that TopShop/Arcadia pays no tax, and that’s simply not true.

    As a site admin note, keep it sweet people: I don’t want to have to moderate a queeny bitch fight ok?

  5. Marvo the Martian

    Marvo (original name you chose!) I’m no blue blood, I grew up in as fucking working class as you can imagine, whole family in Sheffield in the late 70s and early 80s… i’ve voted labour more than once, so why not jump to conclusions a little slower in future yeah!?! As Neil said, most businesses in the UK are being squeezed, most of them pay more tax than they really should, most business owners don’t get any help setting up and rightly look to lower cost wherever they can.

    What Phillip Green’s businesses give back to the UK economy is huge, but that’s entirely ingored as he’s using a perfectly legal way of reducing his *PERSONAL* liability, not of his business. Sorry to say, but all I’ve seen of the #ukUNCUT bunch are lots of really silly tweets and a lot of middle class, middle england kids turning up with leftie lecturers to a shop they’d have no issue shopping in 364 other days of the year to raise merry hell. The irony and hypocrisy fucking stinks. #ukUNCUT is mixing up messages about fair trade with business, and tarring all businesses in the UK like they’re bankers pissing away taxpayer funds. Most of the #ukUNCUT lot have never run a business, most of them aren’t old enough – until you’ve paid someones top-up income tax subsidy, and their training and sorted out all of the taxpaperwork (and there’s fucking loads of it!!) all before you take a penny from what you do, you should think again about criticising the millions of people up and down this country that run small or large businesses.

  6. Neil, you’ve chosen to run a business, which if successful, you’ll reap profits from, so I’ve little sympathy for you incurring costs in the process – but I wish you good luck all the same!

    Phillip Green’s Arcadia undoubtedly contributes a “great” deal, but that doesn’t excuse him from paying tax on his profits. It is only just, that as an adviser to the government, his tax arrangements are placed under greater scrutiny. Guido Fawkes seems to sidestep this issue completely.

  7. I have no problem incurring costs, but why is it the case that I have to pay tax twice on profits? How is that fair? How is it also fair that my business acts as tax collector for free for employees and vat? How is it also fair that I have to top of employer contributions – effectively paying a tax simply to employ people? Our economy thrives on businesses, and yet there are no real reasons why people should set up in the UK – our tax conditions make most of our european partners look more competitive, time and time again.

    As for Phillip Green you’re missing the point, He isn’t paying for his profits because He doesn’t take his profits – quite legally his wife does, and she pays taxes in the jurisdiction she lives in. There’s nothing illegal or immoral about that – He may be the gregarious front man, but what he takes from the firm is quite low, the fact that his wife takes the money and his family is rich because of it is neither here or there. He’s not breaking the law because he’s not dodging his taxes.

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