it’s snow joke… (boom boom)

As if by magic winter has come along and it’s brought cold weather and snow – how unusual, that never happens! Well that’s what you might believe if you look at any of our media; so in the glorious cause of re-hashing articles and passing it off as news, I’m embarking on my yearly rant about the British media making a mountain out of a molehill. The British obsession with shutting down everything the second it looks a little bit snowy outside and the bizarre preoccupation with the weather that seemingly overlooks the fact that ten years ago our papers were screaming that snow was a thing of the past, that climate change nee global warming had consigned the idea of snow filled winters to the history books and fantastical Christmases inspired by Dickens.

So in the spirit of posting random stories about Snow, let’s revisit this classic article from the year 2000.

The Indie reports the death of Winter

Feel free to browse the whole article in The Independent archive

So there we are, rant complete: personally I hope it’s below zero and snowy until march – Climate change or not, I rather like the weather like this… I’m not convinced by the cries from both extremes that we’re heading to oblivion, sure we must have had an impact on the weather, but as we’re so rarely able to predict the weather more than 24 hours ahead (and even then with questionable accuracy) I’m buggered to see how we can say what it’ll be like in 100 years.

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