Taking Twitter too Seriously.

There are one or two political bloggers in the UK that I find truely objectionable – everything is taken as deadly serious, stories become campaigns, and campaigns become vendettas: and one of those bloggers I recently had the misfortune of having a run in with on Twitter. Now as most of you will know, my twitter isn’t a single stream feed: you’re just as likely to hear what’s going on in the office as my kitchen, and I intersperse that personal niff naff and triv with a little political commentary, some overheard rumours and the occassional scoop from my many spies in PR and Politics.

The one thing that could never be said, is that it’s a serious stream of journalistic integrity – it’s not. What is more, is that it’s not supposed to be: I genuinely don’t take myself quite that seriously…  So it came as a bit of a shock when I tweeted about an overheard conversation on my way back from lunch from a couple of likely looking grungy hippies who were discussing going along to Parliament Square at the 4pm eviction time of the peace camp – ‘tooled up’. Now to me, that means just one thing – and with many friends and associates down that way I thought I’d broadcast it just to flag it up that there might be trouble brewing.

Unfortunately, it was leapt on as a completely serious source of information by one notable blogger with a history of taking things just a little too seriously, and that’s led to a bit of a fight with him accusing me of being a hypocrite after I replied to a post to a regular twitter co-conspirator that they should bring out the water cannons and tasers – Now as anyone that’s bothered to follow me for any particular length of time will know – that couldn’t have been said with my tongue any further in my cheek: my coverage of police action during the G20 or indeed my several run in’s with the police on my own being stopped and searched without reason should be a guide enough that aggresive police action is seriously uncool.

Now I’m not taking this seriously – with a history as colourful as this blogger has, I’m not going to lose sleep about what he might think about me: but I thought I’d blow off a bit of steam by reminding people that not everyone cares what they say on Twitter, I don’t care if my views are taken seriously or not, I don’t care whether rumours are believed or not, and I don’t give a toss if you’re going to leap into my life accusing me of hypocrisy when you’ve never bothered to engage me in any form of personal conversation to gauge where sarcasm and couldn’t give a flying fuck tongue in cheek comment blur into ‘reporting’ the world around me. Twitter really can’t be taken that seriously when you’re dealing with people that don’t have a single deadly serious focus, so don’t even try – because if you do, you’ll end up looking like a tit – and that just spoils the fun.

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