Daily Archives: May 12, 2010

Exclusive: A new speaker?

Last night on twitter I tweeted about rumours I’d been hearing during the excitement of yesterday, these rumours related to the position of speaker: and it would seem that on both Lib Dem and Conservative sides of the coalition there is going to be some sort of movement against John Bercow. My sources tell me that the good money is on Menzies Campbell as the name that’ll be put forward if enough momemtum can be found to force a division at the re-election of the speaker.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing, Bercow has been an awful speaker – foisted upon the house by a block vote, he’s proved to be anything but impartial and his crowing patronising tone has raised the tempers of many MPs who feel that he interrupts too often to the detriment of heated debate. To his credit Bercow has taken a harder line on ensuring house activities take place in the chamber, but he’s too badly tainted by expenses, the activities of his wife and his attitude toward the house and it’s traditions since taking post.