Daily Archives: May 8, 2010

BREAKING: Lib Dem’s endorse Clegg’s position.

In a statement just issued by David Laws, the Lib Dem’s have just made a very positive statement talking of “very very positive talks” that fully endorse Clegg’s position on the party with the most votes and seats being the one they’ll deal with in the first instance, and that a stable government is what they want.

I’m reading stable as both for the nation, and ruling out the possibility of getting into bed with a party that’s going to rip itself apart over the leader that left them to the worst defeat since Michael Foot.

“A very very positive and constructive meeting of the Liberal Democrat shadow cabinet and of our parliamentary party, and both bodies have endorsed in full and completely the strategy that’s been laid out by Nick Clegg over he last twenty four hours.

We are determined to put the national interest above party advantage, and to play our part in delivering the stable and good government that the people of this country are entitled to expect. We have heard the Labour party and Gordon Brown have been saying over the last twenty four hours, but in line with the strategy that Nick Clegg has set out we will be continuing our talks with the Conservative party as the party with the largest number of seats and votes.

We understand the pressures that there are to make a decision on these matters as soon  as possible and we are keen for an early conclusion of these issues but people will also understand that we are keen to make sure that we make the right long term decisions for the people of this country.

Sitrep, the situation is still all over the place.

Wow, well here we still are – Saturday 3.30 and still no change in government, Brown is still squatting in No.10 and Clegg and Cameron are apparently having positive talks. Quick round up of the rumours, hearsay and general position.

  • Brown & Co. Still putting out propaganda relating to their ‘mandate’ to govern, let’s be clear that’s a constitutional mandate, not on reflected in the popular vote. If Brown can’t form a majority government and can’t present a government to the house which has the support of the house, then he’ll have to resign.
  • Reports of a fiery telephone conversation between Brown and Clegg are being reported in all sections of the media – a source very close to LibDem HQ told me that Brown lectured Clegg for over 30 minutes on the phone, general consensus seems to be that Brown still believes if the Lib Dems joined Labour that he should still be PM.
  • There’s a rather bias campaign shouting and screaming in Westminster currently saying that we should have ‘fair’ votes – one could argue that we already had a fair vote, but what’s interesting about the protest is the number of really familar faces: take a look at the video of Brown arriving at St.Pancras then take a look at the live footage on BBC/Sky.
  • Billy Bragg is making a cock of himself saying that we should have PR now with the basic argument that we didn’t win, so the system must change. How ‘fair’ is that?
  • Brown has allegedly left Downing Street and gone up to Scotland – an odd decision that will of course delay any action for removing him as he’ll first have to get back down to London – all of this as the ash cloud starts to shut European airspace again.
  • It should be noted for those jumping up and down for Electoral Reform that Nick Clegg himself said that the options would need to be explored before jumping straight into PR, and that a referendum on reform would be the fairest way of deciding, for a party with only 57 seats in a parliament of 650 would be the most unfair change in politics ever seen in the UK.
  • Clegg is about to come out and make a statement to the protest.
  • Clegg makes an incredibly carefully worded address via megaphone to the 1000 odd people on the streets, of course you do have to say that 1000 people on the street is nothing 2 million hit the street for Iraq. My bet is Clegg is now isolating himself a little from what’s going to be an unpleasant shock – it’s not going to be PR instantly, it’ll have to be an enquiry and a referendum.
  • Labour MP John Mann is calling for Brown to go.