Clegg, you’re no Churchill

There’s an article in The Sunday Times today regarding a YouGov poll that rates Nick Clegg as being the most popular party leader since Winston Churchill: the world has gone mad – who did they ask? The two simply aren’t comparable, one was a dogged war leader who took his country through it’s darkest hours of the Blitz, who fought off Fascism and National Socialism, who supported his country and enthused the populace to stand up and fight for Britain. The other is, until recently, a virtually unknown yes man for the Liberal Democrats, who got away with a few cheap me too points against a failing leader and a leader desperately trying not to fall into traditional party trenches… Glib soundbites was all we got from Clegg, (and indeed from Brown & Cameron), and if we’re blunt, Churchill wasn’t about glib soundbites, he was genuinely resolute and dedicated to Great Britain… so as Lloyd Bentsen might have said: Clegg, you’re no Churchill. – Something I hope resonates deep in the brains of the Liberal Democrat communications team, because Clegg’s just been set up for a huge fall if he in any way tries to play up to being the next Churchill.

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