Daily Archives: April 16, 2010

Leaders Debate

What a palaver, the three leaders were on TV (like they are every Wednesday at 12), but apparently this is a big thing, in front of an off-puttingly silent studio audience the leaders today battled it out to get their point their policies and ways to move the country forward…

…Or rather, they didn’t. They sort of answered questions in parrot fashion each given a time slot to get out a soundbite. None of them came across badly, even Brown who you expected to be grinding his teeth within minutes seemed human, but I’m not convinced, as someone that’s been an obsessive follower of the Westminster village for a long time I don’t think this did anything to humanise politics: if I were a floating voter right now I’d be none the wiser, they basically agreed on all the good stuff.

Looking at the Polling, Clegg came out of this well – some seem to see this as a surprise, but really it’s not, he was given a platform to play with the big boys, and he used it. Cameron came across strongly toward the end, more of that please next time around, and Brown, despite the doom-mongering about Brown from both sides (said with glee and despair depending on your standing), came across as a passionate advocate of public services and the UK in general.

What I didn’t understand was the lack of debate, blatant mistruths were allowed to come tumbling out from all sides without much in the way of any argument, I personally think the threeway was an uncomfortable one – what you really wanted to see was Brown & Cameron head to head, well refereed but raw. What you got was a little anodyne, the clear anger at the political system on display in the queue to get into the audience was completely absent.

I don’t think we’re quite on the American level yet, I don’t think our public want blood on the dancefloor, but I think most would have been happier if it appeared there could have been a fight.

  • Brown 5
  • Cameron 7
  • Clegg 8 (but frankly was +2 before he started…)