Scorching the Earth?

My sources tell me that very senior Conservatives are telling their shadow ministers to dig around and question everything that their respective ministers in Government are spending. The Conservatives – and a significant number of centre/right leaning blogs – are now really concerned that Labour are going to ‘lose track’ of public spending over the coming months as we approach the general election.

It’s clear Brown won’t go to the country any time soon, it’ll be as late as it possibly can be and that means just one thing: desperation. Desperation will spread through all departments in government, and I guarantee that pet projects in key marginals will be high on (almost certainly out-going) minister’s agendas. Profligate spending is going to be the norm – call it what you will, but if Labour’s history is anything to go by we’re going to see nothing short of an economic scorched earth policy right up until Parliament is dissolved.

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