Ten predictions for 2009

One: The recession will be worse than most people have so far admitted, companies both small and large will struggle – those reliant on borrowing for cashflow are doomed.

Two: ITN won’t bring back the jobless count, much to the general annoyance of every person wanting to pin the destruction of the economy on the muppets in government.

Three: Mandelson will resign or be fired, again, for some reason – I’d start a sweepy, but i think it might end in a writ.

Four: Brown won’t call an election, probably the safest prediction, I’m afraid we’re stuck with him for another year.

Five: They will find someone else to blame the economy on, if not the American’s it’ll be some other poor sod.

Six: There’ll be a shadow cabinet reshuffle, seats for Davis and Clarke possibly?

Seven: House prices will continue to fall, probably knocking off a good 15% off today’s values, this won’t help the market recover just yet though, as the banks still won’t lend to first time buyers.

Eight: The nationalised and part nationalised banks will continue to embarrass the government in ways they haven’t yet imagined.

Nine: Tight Labour party finances will see a resurgence of Unions setting the political agenda, expect to see the minimum wage go up crucifying businesses.

Ten: To add to the woes of major retailers going bust I’m expecting Ad revenues to kill off at least one newspaper.

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