Dangerous Economics

Welcome to Brown's Britain, It's BROKENWell the markets have been all over the place and so is the Government: I’m genuinely depressed after watching the farce that was the Chancellors statement to the house earlier this afternoon, He clearly has no idea what he’s talking about – lines were being fed in that were overtly party political (the very last thing that’s needed right now), and frankly the understanding of economics was clearly missing from the statement, it was panicked and short on detail at a time when the incumbent muppets are proposing lumbering the british taxpayer with a crippling amount of debt that will, frankly, bankrupt us all.

I’m incandescent at Brown for his assertion that he’s “angry” with a few bankers when it was his Government as Chancellor that encouraged banks to lend, lend and lend – and what’s more he still is, and it was him that oversaw the FSA’s toothless last decade, and it was him let’s not forget that has swung like a pendulum over the last few months one week telling the public and banks one thing, while the next week telling them the bi-polar opposite.

We’ve got to admit that the banks are not going to lend, moreover we’ve got to admit that whatever we do now we’re going into a recession that’s going to clear out the dead and weak wood, both in business and in our personal finances; and someone needs to point the finger at Brown and his colleagues for destablising the UK market all by themselves, with half arsed attempts to meddle in businesses and marketplaces in which they have no experience.

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