Daily Archives: January 3, 2009

Duck & Cover

So the PM has finally divulged today that it’s likely the recession we’re entering is going to be deeper and longer than first admitted. This of course is no real surprise for anyone who’s lived in the real world, but seems to have taken the Labour party entirely “by surprise”, I say that in inverted commas because even I can’t believe that all of the Labour party are simple enough to believe the rhetoric that “it wos the yankie bankers wot done it”.

Our dear leader. Gordo the great – saviour of the universe, as he apparently now has stamped on his stationary, also set out a raft of further measures to keep the country from sinking, these are – of course – further testament to his complete failure to grasp even the basics of today’s global economy; as his new measures are all tax-payer funded public projects with no cuts or perks for the business on the high street and no real measures to help the average family, just more “great” public works, which include, laughably… fixing the trains, something they promised to do over 11 years ago, presumably, they’ll be fixing them so all those extra people can commute into all those jobs that have just been cut in the city. Bright idea tonto. This is of course all defended with spin that the government “must play its role”, which, as the conservatives pointed out earlier is pointless headline grabbing.

I am amazed at the tunnel vision that seems to have enveloped the incumbent muppets; they truly believe that the answer to a crisis caused by a complete seizure of global borrowing due to worries about over-extension of credit – is borrowing!

It quite simply defies belief that a Government that has borrowed more money than any other thinks that it can simply print more money at a time like this to spend it’s way out of a borrowing induced financial crisis, surely someone must do something to illustrate that we’re going to be paying for this mistake, not just for the whole my generation, but probably for the whole of the next as well?

I’ve no doubt the good times will once again roll – most likely under a Conservative government; but there’s no question that those good times will be a long time coming, and when they do they’ll be tinged with the hangover of 11 years of utterly reckless, and in the most part, entirely pointless spending by an out of control Labour Government.