Wii = Shit?

Now I’m probably going to be lynched for this, but I’m sorry; it’s got to be said. The Wii, is – well. Shit, isn’t it? The controllers don’t work properly half the time, you can be sat mere feet away from the sensor bar pointing the remote straight at it and what do you get; jittery motion, stalls and lost games. I’ll be the first to happily admit to that I don’t like losing, but I’m not a sore loser –  I just don’t like to have a game ruined because of poor hardware, the same as a computer crashing in the middle of a game is really irritating, the Wii’s controllers randomly deciding that they’re going to stall (meaning you lose) takes all of the fun out of playing two player games.

I don’t know whether it’s a firmware thing, or some software that needs updating, or whether it’s just the controller’s aren’t that good, but it’s destroying my enjoyment of the Wii to the point now where I’m just not going to bother using it, plus the seeming dirth of ‘non-cute’ games for the Wii irks me slightly, for now I’ll stick with the PS2, as I’m just constantly disappointed by Nintendo’s latest offering, and believe me, that’s something I’m actually relatively sad about… I’d love to enjoy our Wii as much as Dave and a lot of our mates obviously do, but I just can’t.

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