The death of a real childhood?

The world is moving too fast, and I want to get off, now I was never a Dandy reader, Beano was my thing – but I mourn it’s passing, as it’s yet another ‘adultisation’ of childhood, in a week where it’s come out that scouts aren’t allowed to have campfires and need veggie meals so they don’t offend people and lights so they don’t trip over guide-wires it just seems like the world I knew as a child, not that long ago is disappearing.

Not that long ago I remember being a Beano reading cub scout, allowed to play with fire, shoot, skin, gut and then cook rabbit (let alone mention sausages!), clambering around a chinook cargo net suspended 8 feet above the ground from trees without helmets, safety lines or any other PC nonsense. If you fell or burned yourself that was a lesson learned… one somehow feels that today kids are going to reach ‘proper’ adulthood and then all die, hit by buses and burned to death because they’ve never actually been able to experience anything without a cotton wool wrapping before.

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