Re-designs aplenty!

Well it’s been bloody ages hasn’t it – but this time there is a good reason actually related to this website, oh yes – because I’ve been working on the new design and brand new content. It’s all very exciting, radically different to this site in so many ways, and it’s been a real labour of love that’s slowly come together over the past few months, so expect everything to be changing soon!

Elsewhere I see that the Guardian is redesigning too – and what a beauty it is, lovely use of Egyptian serif fonts, good use of colour to separate out sections and lovely little details such as PNG24’s splicing straight through dividers – let’s hope this is the design that finally makes it across the whole site as recently they’ve looked a bit ‘all over the place’ with the comment is free site having had a face lift and the rest of the site not. The biggest, and for me most important thing they done is probably the simplest – they’ve w-i-d-e-n-e-d the whole site, finally shaking off the last vestiges of the confines of 800 by 600, something that I’m rather keen on myself *wink*.

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