Fuckwit Builders

We have the idiot workmen from hell digging up the road outside our house, bearing in mind how parking is at such a premium they’ve decided to ‘help’ residents by forgetting to get a proper parking suspension and have proceeded to dig massive holes in the road effectively beaching cars in little islands of tarmac.

You think I’m kidding, then behold…

Idiot Builders

Marooned Car

Apparently this is only the beginning, and it’s going to get worse, with them performing open heart surgery on the gas main along the whole street for the next 3 weeks, I’m dreading it frankly as they’re noisy, the mess is appalling and it’s going to be a nightmare to get deliveries to the house… and the irony of this, is that even to use the road we now have to pay eight quid a day for the privilege

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