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I woke with a start this morning, partly due to the realisation that I was in fact already dreadfully late and partly due to our new found alarm clock that is St.George’s Church, just behind my house on the corner of Campden Hill Gardens which dutifully rings it’s bells in what seems to be no particular order at eight in the morning, midday and sometime around six.

From the moment I opened the blinds it was clear that the weather was going to be against  me all day, and as I walked out onto the balcony clutching my early morning dose of caffine it was became rapidly clear that it wasn’t just sheets of cloud flying across the sky above Trelick Tower on the horizon, but a fine drizzle was also starting to fall, the sort that can only be described as miserable drizzle; that stuff that soaks everything it comes into contact within mere seconds, which effectively  leaves you looking like a drowned rat for the whole day no matter what you try to do to dry off.

The only good thing weather wise was the cool stiff breeze, which was blowing the leaves around Campden Hill road in great swirling vortices, showing the first real sign of autumn taking hold that we’ve seen this year, as I strode out the flat I was a man on a mission, 30 odd photos needed sourcing, setting up, taking and finally processing – not the easiest of tasks when some of the things you’re taking photos of are entirely shrouded in cloud, and by the time I’d walked the familiar 400 yards from house to tube station I was utterly soaked; they say that the man with the weather has a sense of humour, if he does – it’s an evil one.

And another :(

More sad news this morning as it was announced that dear old fluff freeman had passed away, I have many happy memories of him, and he’s yet another legend lost from our airwaves.

Nick Clarke

And so another broadcasting legend has passed, it was with great sadness that today we were told of the death of Nick Clarke; he’s always been such a consummate broadcaster, and in a industry where it seems nowadays you have to be brutally boorish just to get a foot in the door he stood out as someone who was a great broadcaster in his own right, a beautiful voice and a incisive mind that put most journalists to shame… He’ll be sadly missed.

Buggered Public Transport

Tube FuckedWhat has happened to the tube this week? The Central line is entirely buggered, it took 25 minutes yesterday to get from Notting Hill Gate to Marble Arch before my impatience got the better of me and I decided to walk the distance from Marble Arch to Soho rather than wait for the train that was crawling from station to station, stopping in tunnels and being held in stations for 5 minutes at a time, and today it seems to be totally up-the-chuff again with severe delays and people calling you to use the buses instead of the tube, add to that the Hammersmith & City and Circle line running with delays due to the bizarre excuse of ‘too few trains?’ and a host of other signal, track and train failures on the District, Victoria, Bakerloo, Piccadilly and Northern Lines.

Every Londoner is aware that the tube isn’t the most reliable service in the world, but generally it holds up remarkably well considering the ineptness of it’s engineering upkeep and the constant battle between public and private organisations into who, and how it should be run/run by, but this week is ridiculous; the whole system seems to have simply fallen over and given up, on Monday getting a train from any of my local stations was entirely out of the question, yesterday was slow and today seems almost as bad a Monday, and all this while we’re being told fares are rising, our Oyster cards are being spied on, our taxes are being pissed into Metronet’s profit margins and all whilst the system is falling apart in front of our eyes.

This is supposed to be a world class city, I mean we’re talking about spending £8 Billion on the Olympics and yet we can’t even seem to get our own workforce into work without delaying and inconveniencing them at every step. As someone that was totally against PPP around my depression at our public transport network is a silver lining that I was totally justified in whining about the change-over to PPP which, I don’t think anyone can argue, has proved to be a complete and total disaster.

Campden Hill-Billy’s

And we’re in…. yay! – I’ve actually been blogging while the net connection has been down at home, so I’ll get them online shortly. It’s been quite nice not having the net at home, I’ve covered more papers and books than I’d ever normally do!


It might appear all calm on the western front, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, the new house is less than 24 hours away, and a weekend of white vans, lumping, dumping, swearing and being generally knackered is on the cards, and oh boy am I looking forward to it. It’ll be so nice to have my own space back, all my stuff, and most importantly our own little castle, high up on Campden Hill… Indeed it’s a move of only 92 steps from our old flat, it’s just a pity of those two moves we’ve had to take such a detour! But who cares, the weekend beckons as does our warm new flat and I can’t wait.

Don’t do the crossword tired…

So we’re sat there, I’m on my laptop doing terribly addictive Sudoku puzzles, He’s got his head in the Evening Standard crossword, when the silence is broken by:

Him: “They’ve made that word up…”
Me: “What Word?”
Him: “Wom”
Me: “Wom… how’s it spelt?”
Him: “W-h-o-m… Wom”
Me… “whom?”

… hysterical laughter ensues, the moral of this story, never do the crossword tired.