Party Decapitation

It’s with a certain sense of disbelief that we’re currently watching the Labour Party implode on itself, as if they didn’t have the lessons of the breakdown of the Thatcher Era to look to for a definite way not to unseat one’s leader. As fat-faced junior ministers resign and the rumour mill over Blair’s almost certain departure go into overdrive we’re once again watching a party tear itself to shreds trying to ditch the one person that made them ‘votable’.

Not that I’d have a heavy heart if the Labour party were booted out of power into the political wilderness for the next 20 years, it’s just the bit between Blair leaving and the next general election that I’m worried about, let’s face it the country could be tossed back to practical communism with a hint of Scottish nationalism if Brown ascends to number 10, and with Reid banging his immigration and terrorism drum to a frenzied beat it’ll be fascism meets Big Brother if he gets in – and I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if that’s not also tinged with a hint of Scottish nationalism too…

The rest of the runners in the battle to become the next leader of the not-quite-yet leaderless Labour Party are political nobodies, the nearest they get to well-profiled is David Milliband, who’s hardly a major player; so it would seem that it’ll be down to Reid and Brown when Blair either goes, or the party decapitates itself – the real question of course it which of those will it be, can Teflon Tone hang on grimly or will there be some action in the coming weeks that relegate him to the after-dinner speech market permanently.

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