Random Phone Photos

Some random photos of an average day…


The tube is always featured in the days when I actually get away from the house and have to go into town or the office; and here’s something I spotted a few days ago; I mean let’s face it every average day you find at least one odd ball on the tube, but this one was special: this guy was on the northern line and in his rucksack he had lots of paper cuttings that he was meticulously stitching together with sellotape and pritstick, I have no idea what it was, ever so often a cutting would come out and be placed on top of the stuff out of the paper, and this was inevitably followed by 30 seconds of frantic scribbling with a yellow highlighter – you never know, we could have been sharing a tube car with the next Turner Winner…

Notting Hill Gate Tube Map Odd Chap

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