I’ve never thought I’ve had the ‘nesting’ thing in me, I’ve only ever been desperately attached to one house, but since seeing what is without doubt ‘the perfect house’ – regardless of whether we get it this time around or simply have to wait and buy one on that street (as they’re all pretty much the same) in a few years – I’ve been ‘nesting’; oh yes, the past two nights I’ve been looking at art and furniture.

Some of the art I’ve spotted so far:

With a handy gap between properties this time we have the opportunity to move into a house knowing everything’s in storage, meaning we can look seriously at what we do and don’t want in the house. I know that I certainly don’t want the old bed; to say it’s screwed is the understatement of the year; it’s taken a battering with the moving about recently, and didn’t stand up to the last time it was stored, so that’s going to go, this time replaced by something more substantial and with a firmer mattress: having slept on a proper mattress for the last few nights I’ve come to realise just what a bad nights sleep I was having previously… so that bed has got to go.

Another thing I don’t want are the older bookcases, you see between the two of us we have a staggering number of books, six large crates of them to tell the truth and being a hoarder I couldn’t possibly think of parting with any of them, the problem with that is they take their toll on the bookshelves all of the cheap ones of which are now bowing and or just coming apart: so a trip to IKEA will probably be in order to purchase some of the ever trusty Billy bookcases – I’ve thrown the very worst of the heavy books at them over the years at they’ve yet to fail me.

So there we go, the nesting begins, thankfully I’ve got enough restraint not to buy these framed prints here and now, as I seem to have added the best part of a couple of hundred quids worth of art and aluminium custom built frames to my shopping basket!

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