Long Weekend

Well it’s been a remarkably quiet bank holiday weekend, spent on my own for the most part; which has been nice in a way, but would perhaps of been nicer if the books weren’t in storage as let’s face it there’s only so much TV you can watch… especially when the TV in question is just stuff on the media server. So far I’ve ploughed through the first three seasons of River Cottage, season one of the IT crowd, the one (and criminally only) season of Trust plus Absolute Power Seasons One and Two as well as the DVD of Nigella Bites, whilst day dreaming of how nice it’ll be to have my own kitchen back!

I’ve made a conscious decision to not work at all, having had plans to work this weekend it’s been good to clear the deck and just get away from the humdrum of the office and all the headaches which that brings… especially as the four day week that’s coming is going to be especially manic with two super-client proposals going out plus three or four little projects to finish up.

I’ve also been writing this weekend, and some of it has made it here, with descriptions of our explorations of the Old Warden Tunnel and Clophill’s Haunted Church now online with a tonne of photos from each site to go alongside the descriptions. I’ve also been writing some bits for the food section, but they’re not quite finished yet, so I’m going to hold them back for later on in the week!

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