It’s been a good week, new business won, old business completed, hair cut, house beginning to look packed; and I’m looking forward to the weekend, which hopefully should be reasonably peaceful without too much to worry about or fret over. Whether it’ll turn out that way or not is yet to be seen, but peaceful pottering is what’s planned. I’m hoping to sort through a lot of the house crap, chuck away a few bin liners full of stuff that we’ve held onto for no good reason (as you do), and finally rid ourselves of half a tonne of unnecessary paperwork.

It was with a certain sense of ‘being released’ that last week I threw away the very last vestiges of the previous business: it was strange going through paperwork for H-D, looking at old invoices we’d sent out, invoices we’d received, all the detritus of a business, and last week it all went in the bin, all of it… the lot: finally released, everythings paid, sorted, closed, gone. It was weird for years I’ve been concentrating on the other business but still carrying around all the crap from the last one, but that crap is now all gone.

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