All quiet on the western front.

Ok, so it’s been all quiet on the western front; I know I’m bad, but life’s hectic. I’m in the middle of the nightmare move from hell, moving house is something we’ve got down to an artform, but when you’ve got a million fuckwits trying to throw a spanner in the works it takes a lot of time and patience to ensure that the whole moving process continues on time and on budget. Our new flat in Notting Hill will be coming together soon, but at the moment we’re no where near so there’s at least another 3 or 4 weeks of fannying around before we’re back to normal.

Elsewhere, work is manic: there’s six projects up in the air, plus half a dozen smaller jobs and my time is stretched reasonably thin – that’s being compounded by all of this house move shit, plus a few other contributing factors, people not listening, people telling us, the professionals, how to do our jobs because they don’t want to listen to brutal advice because they’re so entirely wrapped up in their own affairs.

It’s sad when people don’t listen to advice, whether it’s at work or elsewhere; especially when it’s coming from someone that cares, someone that knows exactly what they’re talking about and someone that has the facts, figures and hardcore research sat in front of them… but as my Mum has always said you can only tell people, you can’t make people, and if they won’t listen then all you can do is be there for them when it all goes to pot, I’ve modified that for my own purposes, and when it comes to when it all goes to pot I tell them that I told them so then give them a bill to sort out the mess… which if they then don’t want I’ll let them sink.

If there’s something I learnt from my last business it’s that you can never get involved with the actual project itself, if you get wrapped up in it you end up doing things that are bad for your own business and you can potentially end up doing one of two things: lose money, or worse lose money and take the blame. You have to stick to your guns at all times, if it’s a bad idea tell them, tell them again, put it in writing and then stand back and let them get on with it… it should never be forgotten that whatever line of business you’re in, you’re in business for you and the integrity and financial stability of your own business should always be put first.

Anyway… that’s enough of that; I’ve written a few things about business recently; all rather more cogent than this… I’m thinking of putting them up in a new section. So stand by…

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