7th July – One year on

It doesn’t seem like a year since I decided ‘nah’ I can’t be bothered to go into central london today, since I was woken by a bulletin on Radio 4 saying there’d be an ‘explosion’ on the tube, possibly caused by a power failure, and one year on from watching in horror as the events of the 7th unfolded in almost pornographic detail on Sky News.

I don’t think anythings changed since now and then to be honest; initially we obviously all started to look at people differently, started to think that every bag, every person with a beard and a rucksack might be a threat, but that soon passed with the realisation that if something like that were to happen the chances of being directly involved (rather than simply inconvenienced by) were infinitesimally low; and in many ways that’s a good thing, if we all lived our daily lives in fear we’d be letting ‘them’ win, but we’re not… but on the flip-side of that it’s irritating nothing’s changed: no-one seems to want to take responsibility for what’s happened, and no-one seems to dare utter the words that it’s not until things change from the current status quo that things will be able to change.

I think everyone’s still a little shell shocked, I’ve talked to a lot of people about the events of this day last year, and people still seem to be coming to terms with the facts that it’s happened here in London: we’ve put up with Terrorism before, but there is a distinct difference between someone planting a bomb for political reasons, and someone with fundamentalist religious views strapping themselves to a bomb and taking themselves off this mortal coil with a load of other entirely innocent souls… we will all come to terms with the events of this time last year eventually but I believe the sense of being violated will stay with us for some time.

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